One Piece: Season 5, Voyage Four Anime Summary

One Piece: Season 5, Voyage Four is a 2 DVD set of the hit anime series One Piece. The series takes place during the fictional Great Pirate Era. The Pirate King Gol D. Roger was executed 20 years before the start of the series. Roger was the only person to attain wealth, fame, and everything that the world had to offer. His words said before his execution started a new era of pirating. He said that his treasure, the One Piece, is somewhere in the ocean called the Grand Line, but any interested pirate needs to find it.

The main character ‘Straw Hat’ Luffy, who is able to stretch like rubber because of a Devil Fruit, sets out on his journey to find the One Piece and become the new Pirate King. He brings together eight other crew members during his travels. Some of the characters also have abilities from a Devil Fruit. A Devil Fruit gives people great powers, but at the cost of never being able to swim again. The other crew members are three sword style swordsman ‘Pirate Hunter’ Zoro, navigator ‘Cat burglar’ Nami, sniper ‘Sniper King’ Usopp, kicking cook ‘Black Leg’ Sanji, reindeer doctor ‘Cotton Candy Lover’ Chopper, archeologist ‘Devil Child’ Robin, cyborg shipwright ‘Cyborg’ Franky, and living skeleton musician ‘Humming Swordsman’ Brook.

In the episodes of this DVD release, there are only six people in Luffy’s crew, including himself. Franky was introduced in the story arc before this one (which this arc is a continuation of), but has yet to join the crew. The battles between the marine assassination group CP9 and the pirate crew (the Straw Hat Pirates) continue. The fights are in order for the pirates to save their crew member Robin from being executed. The battles to save Robin are a declaration of war against the entire World Government, but they do not care. The battles on the World Government island Enies Lobby concludes in this set.

This set includes episode 300 to 312. It is rated TV-14. There are other sets of the series and Funimation continues to release them. Each set has 2 DVDs with normally 6 episodes per disc.