one remote to rule them all

Logitech Harmony One

Before getting this remote, I first went through a phase of getting phone calls asking how to watch TV at my house. It was usually about a 5 minute instructional phone call to my wife or family how to turn on all the items. I thought I got smart one day and wrote out instructions on how to turn on my TV. It went something like:

On the Samsung remote, Turn on the TV, make sure it’s on HDMI 1
On the Yamaha remote, Turn on the Receiver, change to HDMI 1
On the Comcast remote, Turn on the Comcast box

Little did I know this wonder device had this same concept all in one universal remote!


The Logitech Harmony One Universal Remote lets you easily program it so that it can replace the need of having all your remotes (see compatibility link). Note: You’ll need a PC or Mac and Internet access to program the remote! The Logitech program makes it easy to configure your remote. You basically click through the buttons and tell the device what needs to turn on for the specific activity, like ‘Watch TV’.


The device itself is well designed and very slick. Picking up the device activates the backlight which turns on the touch screen and lights up the buttons. The weight distribution on the device was thought through and there is a nice groove for your hand. The remote had a recharable Lithium-ion battery and when you need to charge it you just put it on the base which is already plugged into the wall.

Battery Life from Logitech’s site says: ‘Depending on usage, an average full charge should last 7 – 10 days.’

Kudos to the folks at Logitech who designed this hardware.

Touch Screen

When you pick up the device, it will light up the touch screen. The touch screen has a few usages one is to select your activity, examples are ‘Watch TV’, ‘Play Xbox’, ‘Watch DVD’. Touching one of these will turn on the correct devices. The touch screen then becomes common used buttons for that given remote. For example for my receive it would show options like ‘HDMI 1’, ‘HDMI2’ or on comcast you can program favorite channels.

This is a perfect gift for that friend or special someone that has a few remotes just to turn on their TV.

Click here to check out the Amazon reviews for this Harmony One remote.

Battery & Compatibility Link

Logitech claims ‘Harmony supports more than 5,000 brands and 225,000 devices’. I found out the hard way that the Sony NSZ-GT1 Google TV does not receive Infrared Signal, so the Harmony One can’t control it 🙁 Make sure your devices are compatible with the remote: .


As always, feel free to comment to ask me questions about the product. If you want me to check something on the unit, measurements, etc. I’ll try my best.

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