One Scary Night at Home

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I woke up abruptly one night to a loud bang coming from somewhere in the house. I laid still with the covers pulled up to my chin listening intently for any more noises with my heart pounding at an alarming rate. I lay there still almost frozen with so many thoughts going through my head. Looking over at the alarm clock on the night stand I could see it was 3:33 a.m.

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I just heard a very faint floor board creek, my heart started racing even faster. Should I wake my wife or wait until I know for sure what is making the noise or could that possibly be too late to wake her.

I slowly started to sit up but not completely because if there was someone there I didn’t want them to see me moving. I surely didn’t want to attract attention. Now I can hear something, it sounds like something is being dragged along the hardwood floor. I decided I needed to find out immediately who or what was making the noise.

I slowly stepped out of bed moving as quietly as possible while listening for anymore signs of movement. I still wasn’t quite sure where the noise was coming from. As I stood slightly crouched over by my bed in the dark listening for something I shifted and the floor under me creaked. My god if there was someone in the house they were sure to hear me and were on their way to do whatever it was they came to do. My heart was pounding so hard and fast now that I had to stop and regroup before I make my way out of the bedroom to see who was there.

I took a few slow deep breathes and calmed myself down as much as I could. My wife started to shift in bed, I was afraid she would wake and see me standing there and ask me what I was doing and then we would be sitting ducks. I stayed still until I thought she was asleep.

I then walked ever so slowly towards my bedroom door when I heard another dragging sound on the floor. Could it be a foot dragging or someone dragging something?

I thought it was time to take the upper hand and walk out of the bedroom turning the hall light on hopefully scaring away whatever was there.

I took a deep breath and walked toward the door turning on the light quickly. As soon as I turned the light on something scurried a short distance and then stopped in the next room.

I walked into the room and there laying on the floor was a houseplant laying on the floor and my cat sitting under a table with that I did something bad look on her face.

True story.

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One Scary Night at Home, Seekyt
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