One weird movie called ‘Nazis at the Center of the Earth’

Are you a fan of b-movies? I know there are lots because they just keeping making them and they wouldn’t do that if there was no market for them. Here’s a really weird one called ‘Nazis at the Center of the Earth‘.
The plot involves Josef Mengele, a sick Nazi doctor, who according to history died but actually escaped with a number of men to Antarctica. Here he plots to revive Hitler himself and take over the world to usher in the fourth Reich.

Now if you read that and thought, that sounds weird, it really is. In the beginning of the movie you learn that scientists in Antarctica have started disappearing and on a rescue mission they encounter they are capture by Nazis. The soldiers have been around since the 1940’s so doctor Mengele has prolonged their life by adding genetic and cybernetic limbs. Their weapons are nothing to sneeze at either because they have had decades to develop them.

Mengele was notorious for his experiments in the war and in this movie he continues doing this for the benefit of his soldiers. His main objective is to bring back Hitler to start yet another war. He enlists the help of one of the captured scientists who he allows to live only because of her German descent. Will he succeed and really start a new German era? Watch the movie and find out.

Nazis at the Center of the Earth
Despite the weird plot and the cheap effects this movie is actually fairly good to watch. Sure you can’t expect a blockbuster movie but with a budget of far less than a million dollars It was entertaining for as long as it lasted. Some of the special effects are really cheap like the distance shot in the snow in front of the hangar, all the actors are cg and it really shows, I guess these shots aren’t cheap to make if you would be using actual people. It gave me a lot of laughs and I re winded a couple of times just to see those people walking completely unrealistic. Then again how realistic can you get in a movie called Nazis at the Center of the Earth and features things like robots, cyborgs and even UFOs.

A word of caution, this movie is not rated but I can tell you it has a fair bit of violence and there are some quite bloody scenes as well so be warned. I’ve watched a lot of movies from the Asylum and this is among the better ones I would say.