Online Analytics Course Certification and its Benefits

Data is all around and slowly it is seeping into every aspect of our work and our lives. Many people say that future belongs to the ones who can speak to this data. So, here are main reasons why you must think of making a big jump into analytics and go for online analytics course certification.

1. Data has become the most precious commodity to all organizations

Every sector and every industry has recognized the potential of unstructured and structured data already and if not, then they plan to apply big data initiative. IDC (Indian Data Corporation) projects that the organizations will increase their Big Data expense to nearly $16.90 billion in the year 2015. In India, this industry is expected to grow almost 60 times in next 10 years. The Big Data Analytics definitely will become the core business practices for most of the organizations and will make use of it to know their customers and their business in new ways. It’s predicted that without help of the data backed insight, companies will lose out their edge and power in the market. With data increasing at such a great momentum and taking up such a value in organizations, we can even predict that soon each function will engage some type of data analysis surely and therefore there will be no growth for people having no data analysis skill.

2. Hundreds of unfilled analytics jobs are unfilled

The supply and demand gap in analytics job has increased largely. It is thought that by the year 2018, 50 to 60 percent lack of data geeks will be there. Over 1.5 million analysts and managers having the ability to make and understand decisions utilizing big data in general will be required. In India alone, there will be over 200,000 analytics related jobs in next three years. As per the statistics, by 2018, the demand will reach to 440,000 jobs, whereas supply will be around 300,000 expert workers only. And what will happen when you’ll be in demand? You’ll get paid higher, will get more benefits and your career will be phenomenal.

3. High potential for career development

Analytics professionals are required everywhere. You can easily work in various domains and due to the shortage in analytics professions, as you gain knowledge and experience, you can move up on the ladder quickly. As such it’s also simple to move into strategy related role more quickly.

4. Great your work life balance together with a stimulating and challenging work environment

Analytics professionals are ranked highest for their work life balance. They got a 4.5 rating on a 5 point scale. What more is needed, as an Analytics professional, you will be a “part analyst and a part artist.” Each project you will have will be a different one. You will need to look at all types of data and find exclusive ways to gather insights which you’ll present in a visually stimulating way. Your insights will get real changes to an organization n a positive way.

Hence, you should opt for analytics as a career option and go for online analytics course certification.