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Online Android Tablet Support for Installing Adobe Flash Player in Android KitKat

As you know, Android tablets don’t have the Adobe Flash Player anymore. Android has deserted Adobe Flash because now it has got HTML5. HTML5 doesn’t require Adobe Flash Player. But if you require using the flash player for some or other reasons, then you can take Online Android Tablet Support and get Adobe Flash installed on your Android device. This article will explain to you how through Online Android Tablet support you can get Adobe Flash Player installed on your tablet, even if your tablet doesn’t have it.

To get Adobe Flash Player on your tablet supported by KitKat and above, you first need to find out a good online technical help firm. You can do online research to find out a reputed firm, or can choose a firm based on your peer recommendations. Once, you have zeroed down on the firm; you just need to give them a call to get instant computer solutions. You will receive one-on-one service, as an online tablet support guy will attend your tech problems. Explain to him what sort of support you are looking for and try to explain all the issues you’re facing right now. The customer support online executive will take your Android tablet on remote and perform the following steps to get Adobe Flash Player installed on it.

• Open your ‘Settings’ menu

• Scroll down to ‘Security’ section

• Check the box that reads “Allow the installation of apps from Unknown Sources’

• Download ‘Flash installation’ file on your tablet

• Drag down the top notification bar

• Tap the ‘Notification’ for the successful downloading of the Flash player file

• The installation link will open

• Click the ‘Install’ Option and wait until the installation process gets completed.

Enable Flash Playback in Android KitKat

Once the file gets downloaded and installed, you must ask the online Android tablet support executive to explain to you how to enable Flash Player on Android KitKat. That is important because you will especially need the Dolphin browser for that purpose. If your tablet doesn’t have the browser, then you can ask for the online technical help to install the browser on your device. The browser is downloadable from Google Play Store for free. The customer support online guy will perform the following steps to get the Dolphin browser:

• Go to ‘Google Play’

• Type ‘Dolphin browser’

• Download and install it

• Open the browser

• Then, go to the ‘Settings’ menu

• Enable ‘Dolphin Jetpack’ option

• Scroll down and select ‘Web Content’

• In the newly opened window, look for ‘Adobe Flash Player’ option

• Set it to ‘Always On’ and you’re done.

After, the browser gets installed you can check the same by running Adobe Flash Player. For that, go to any video website like YouTube and try to open a video in the Dolphin browser. The video must run smoothly to confirm that the Flash Player has successfully installed.
The customer support online executive might recommend you some other browser other than Dolphin. There are a few more options of browsers such as FlashFox and Puffin Browser so choose the one that suits you the most.

FlashFox is a highly used browser because it effectively renders Flash content from websites. But it is not the appropriate browser because Android had stopped its support when it was at version 11.1. Currently, Adobe Flash is at version 16, and FlashFox might not be effective with content programmed with Adobe version 11.1 and later.

Puffin Browser has a major advantage over FlashFox and Dolphin Browser. The prime advantage is that it supports Flash content programmed with Adobe version 11.1 and later. But Puffin Browser renders the Flash content in the cloud. That might make the Flash playback to appear a bit choppy.


Thus, you must insist the online tablet support guy to download Dolphin browser. However, irrespective of the browser, it is important to download the most updated –‘Flash Installation’ file. Thus, instruct the support executive to look for the Flash Player updates before he proceeds towards downloading the installation file.

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