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Online Article Writing and SEO Glossary: Page A

This SEO glossary page lists SEO terms starting with letter A.

To learn about other SEO terms starting with different letters, please scroll down to the bottom of the article.


In online article writing world, an account (also known as user account) is the channel by which a user can access the article writing platform where the person registered as a member. To register, the user needs a user name, screen name or nickname (nick) and a valid e-mail address. A user account allows the user to authenticate to a system and be authorized the access to system services. To log in to an account, a user is typically required to authenticate himself with a username and password.


In computing, an administrator, often abbreviated admin, is the person responsible for managing a website, database, forum, network, server, or system. Some websites have one administrator and some have more administrators responsible for different aspects of website management.


AdSense (Google AdSense) is a program run by an American multinational public corporation called Google Inc. It allows online article publishers in the Google Network of content sites to automatically serve contextual advertisement in form of text, image, video, and rich media on their web pages. These ads are managed, organized, and controlled by Google, and they can generate revenue for article writers and web content creators on either a per-click or per-impression basis.

AdSense ad

Generally, AdSense ads can be text ads, image ads, video ads, link units, referral buttons and theme ads. The most popular ones are text ads. They come in different formats and sizes, and different web sites or web pages manage ad placement differently. For example, Seekyt is one of the rare revenue sharing sites giving article publishers the option to decide on their own ad placement.

AdSense for Content

AdSense for Content displays text-form or graphical ads containing links which lead to advertisers’ Web sites. Google program policies allow you to have up to three ad units and three link units on a single web page. Ad units contain either text ads, image ads, or both.In addition, an ad unit can contain 1-6 ads. Link units display a list of topics related to your content. It takes two click to earn from link units because the user who clicked an ad is lead to another page listing related ads.

AdSense channels

AdSense channels give you the possibility to track the effectiveness of your article publishing in terms of the Google AdSense program. There are two different types of channels: URL channels and custom channels. You can use up to 200 channels to track effectiveness of specific web pages. Google suggests you name your channels with URLs. After you create your URL AdSense channels, they will appear in the drop-down menu in your Google AdSense account.


Unlike traditional advertisements, Google advertisements cost the advertiser money only when they are clicked. If you joined the Google AdSense program, you can earn a revenue share when someone searches through Google, ends up on your page using one of your targeted keywords in the article, and click on the ad served by Google. The ads on your web pages should match those keywords. This is called contextual targeting.

Advertiser competition

The advertiser competition and search volume columns in the Google Keyword Tool show important indicators of potential keyword performance. Article writers should target keywords with low advertiser competition and high search volumes. In relative terms, advertiser competition column shows how many advertisers bid on a specific keyword or keyphrase. The more the rectangular is shaded, the more competitors for a given keyword. When doing research on keywords, article writers should remember to adjust their keyword analysis to exact keyword matches and phrase keyword matches, and avoid broad keyword matches.


Google AdWords is Google’s main source of revenue. This advertising product offers pay-per-click (PPC) and cost-per-thousand (CPM) advertising, including site-targeted advertising for text, banner, and rich-media ads. It differs from Google AdSense in the fact that AdWord account holders use the program to advertise their web sites and/or products, and they pay for those advertisements to be displayed on the web, while Google AdSense account holders get payed for having those ads displayed on their web pages.

Affiliate programs

Web sites based on Web 2.0 concept, such as article writing platforms and revenue sharing sites use affiliate programs to make it possible for their users (members) to earn online ad income. In most cases these affiliate programs are Google AdSense, the Amazon Affiliate Program, eBay, Kontera, etc. Seekyt uses Google AdSense and the Amazon Associates Program. to take part in an affiliate program, it’s necessary to register and create separate accounts for each of the affiliate networks.

Alt tags

Alt tags, also known as alt attributes, are used to display a description of the graphic (image) they are associated with if the image cannot be displayed, like for example, in text-only browsers. They appear after an image tag as a phrase describing the image. SEO experts suggest article writers and web content creators should use these because they may help with page rankings.

Amazon Associates Program

The Amazon Associates Program allows article writers to display relevant Amazon ads integrated with their content. This is a fee-based program, which means that article writers get paid if a purchase is made after a visitor follows the link with their Amazon tracking code included in the link. Learn more about creating an Amazon account and inserting the Amazon tracking code in a full article: The Amazon Associates Program.


Web analytics is a measurement t of web site statistics and a tool for analyzing the performance of a website in terms of traffic, visitors, keyword performance, etc. In the article publishing world, using an analytics tool, such as Google Analytics, can help online article writers evaluate and improve the performance of their articles and keywords, and consequently increase their earnings.

Anchor tags

Anchor tag, also known as anchor text or anchor text link, is text used to create links to other pages. It’s used as an inline text link instead of the URL of the link being displayed in the text. Anchor tags lead users to other web pages (but also to web files, images or sound files).


Online article is a text written work published on a electronical medium, for example on an article writing platform or a revenue sharing site. The constituent elements of an article are:

  • title
  • introduction (the first paragraph containing the lead – captures the attention of the reader and sums up the focus of the article).
  • body of the text
  • conclusion – the last paragraph

Short online articles are sometimes also referred to as blogs. However, longer text articles cannot be referred to as blogs. There are also spoken articles, also known as podcasts, in for of audio recordings.

Article directory

Article directories are public content depositories where people can search for and select content to place on their own sites. Most authors agree that leveraging article content to top article directories is the basis of article marketing. Article writers can easily find and use both general and niche article directories. Article directory submission involves writing smaller content units (short articles) containing a link to your original article and submitting them to all the popular article directories, such as Ezinearticles, Helium or ArticleBase.

Article publishing

Online article publishing is more than writing articles; online “article” posts can also be photo galleries and web content created with a focus on a video. However, search engines like a combination of text, image and video on a single web page, all of them content related, of course. Normally, article length is also an important factor. Photo galleries with text descriptions perform better than photo galleries without descriptions for each photo or image. If y ou don’t have your own website, you can publish articles on article writing platforms such as Seekyt, HubPages or InforBarrel. These are also revenue sharing sites giving you the chance to monetize your content.

Article-writing platform

Article-writing platforms are Web 2.0 sites allowing users to interact and connect with each other in a dialogue as creators user-generated content in a virtual writing community. These kinds of websites offere a different user experience compared to websites where users are limited to passive viewing of content was created for them.


In article writing business, an audience represents your potential visitors and readers. Before you start writing article you should know who your targeted audience is. Article writers should assess their end-users and define them by age, culture and interest or knowledge of the topic covered in their articles. This will help writing in a manner understood by the intended audience.

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* This glossary is under construction. The links to pages listing article writing and SEO terminology starting with other letters will be added soon.

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