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Online Article Writing and SEO Glossary: Page B

This SEO glossary page lists article writing and SEO terms starting with letter B.

To learn about terms starting with C, D and E, please scroll down to the bottom of the article.


Backlinks are incoming links to a website or web page. They are also known as inbound links, inlinks, and inward links. These links come from external websites, web pages, web directories and/or top-level domains on the Internet (the highest in the hierarchical Domain Name System –translating human-friendly computer hostnames into IP addresses). Backlinks are very important for search engine optimization (SEO). The number of backlinks shows how popular or important a web page is, and who is paying special attention to that page; moreover, it plays a significant role if you want to increase the PageRank of your web page.

Banned websites

Google AdSense banned websites are those websites which didn’t comply with Google’s terms of service and program policies. If a website enrolled in the Google AdSense program allows content listed as prohibited in the Google terms of service it will be banned. This applies to individual article publishers as well.


A banner ad, also known as web banner, is a form of advertising delivered by an ad server on a web page. This advertisement is in form of an image often employing animation, video or sound. Many web users regard these ads as highly annoying because they are distracting.


Blog is a part of a user-generated type of website used by bloggers who are supposed to update their blog frequently. They usually cover one topic (or more sub-topics), some function as personalized online diaries, and other function as online brand advertising of a company or an individual. Typical blogs are based on written text, images, videos, and links to other blogs and web pages, which make them a perfect source for relevant backlinks to your articles. Used as a verb, the word blog means to maintain or add content to a blog.


A blogroll is a list of the links that a blogger likes usually displayed in the blog’s sidebar. The links can be classified into categories and updated anytime. Bloggers often reciprocate links or review each blog linking to them in other bloggers’ blogrolls, even if they decide not to reciprocate. It’s considered positive blogging etiquette in the blogosphere.

Body text

Body of the text in an article is part of the text between the first paragraph and the last paragraph. This is the part where article writers should develop the idea or the topic around which their content is based. Also, main (primary) and secondary keywords, as well as latent semantic content, should be used multiple times (with balance in mind), but keyword stuffing is to be avoided.

Bold text

Parts of text, usually main keywords can be put in bold by using the bold button in the text editor when submitting an article to an article-writing site or platform. This is a way to emphasize certain words and make them stand out as stronger words in the text. However, if you put to many words in bold, search engines may recognize them as spam so you have to balance the use of bold text prudently.


Bots, also known as web robots, crawlers and spiders are agents performing the process of collecting information about websites and web pages. These programs literally crawl around the web indexing and cataloging data so that it can be found and retrieved by search engines for matching search queries. They collect information about URLs, keywords used in the content of a webpage, links (internal links, outbound links, incoming links, inline text links or anchor tags), etc.

Bounce rate

Bounce rate is a term used in analytics (web traffic analysis). In the article writing business, it represents the number of visitors who do not continue viewing other pages created by an author within the same website. These visitors enter a web page and bounce off (leave the site without visiting other pages). Bounce rates are useful in determining the effectiveness or performance of the entry page; a page with a low bounce rate indicates that the visitors view more pages by following links in the article displayed on the entry page. Interpretation of a bounce rate (low or high) depends on a website’s business goals. Article writers should aim to lower their bounce rate by creating interesting content, including relevant links to other pages.

Broad head keywords

Broad head keywords are high in demand (high-paying keywords). These keywords usually have high search volumes and a high number of return results. Article writers should use these only if they believe they can beat the competition by publishing more content, giving more information and performing better search engine optimization.

Broad match keywords

If you are using the Google keyword tool, the default match type will be broad. Your keyword research will give only broad match keyword results, therefore, you need to select exact and/or phrase match types to get better results.

Broken links

Article writers should watch their articles for potential broken links. A broken link occurs in an article when the hyperlink is no longer functioning. Removing broken links is crucial in the article publishing business because they tend to lower PageRank of a webpage.

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* This glossary is under construction. The links to pages listing article writing and SEO terminology starting with letters C, D and E will be added soon.

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