News Online Article Writing and SEO Glossary: Page E

Online Article Writing and SEO Glossary: Page E


This SEO glossary page lists article writing and SEO terms starting with letter E.

To learn about other SEO terms starting with different letters, please scroll down to the bottom of the article.

Online Article Writing and SEO Glossary: Page E E – books

An e-book (or ebook) is an electronic book – a book-length publication in digital form, also known as a digital book, consisting of text and/or images. E-books are produced on (published through) and readable on computers or other electronic devices, such as ebook readers (e.g. Kindle or ipad). These books can be equivalents of conventionally printed books, but they also exist without printed equivalents and simply be born digital.

Online Article Writing and SEO Glossary: Page E E – commerce

E-commerce (also known as eCommerce or e-comm) is electronic commerce based on buying and selling of products or services through electronic systems, such as the Internet. In addition, it may refer to more than just buying and selling products online; for example, it may refer to online development processes including marketing, selling, delivering, servicing and paying for products and services.

Online Article Writing and SEO Glossary: Page E Edited directories

Edited directories are directories that are monitored and edited by humans.

Online Article Writing and SEO Glossary: Page E Emoticons

Emoticons are pictorially represented facial expressions using punctuation and letters, usually to express the author’s mood. Very often, text emoticons are automatically replaced with small corresponding images (e.g. happy face, crying, wink, etc). Text editors on some blogging and article-publishing platforms (e.g. the Seekyt text editor) offer the use of emoticons, allowing authors to express their mood and give temper to a statement, thus improving the interpretation of text.

Online Article Writing and SEO Glossary: Page E Entry pages

In web analytics, an entry page is a web page where visitors arrive (at your site, article-publishing platform – your web page) from some other domain.

Online Article Writing and SEO Glossary: Page E Error 404

Error 404 is a web site error that appears when a certain URL cannot be found and there is no other indication that the website (or web page) exists.

Online Article Writing and SEO Glossary: Page E Evergreen article

Evergreen article (or, evergreen content), is content that won’t age over time. It’s the kind of content which will be interesting for days, months and years to come. This kind of content is most valuable because it has the potential to make money in the long run.

Online Article Writing and SEO Glossary: Page E Exact match keywords

In keyword tools, the exact match (keywords) select option is a keyword research option in the left sidebar to help you narrow your keyword research to exact matches only (compared to broad and phrase matches).

Online Article Writing and SEO Glossary: Page E External links

External links, also known as outbound links, are hyperlinks pointing to any domain other than the domain the link exists on (source). In other words, if another website links to you, this is regarded as an external link to your site, and if you link out to another website, this is also accountable as an external link.

Online Article Writing and SEO Glossary: Page E EzineArticles directory is one of the largest article directories on the Internet. It contains numerous unique articles written by thousands of authors. Articles are human reviewed before they are selected and placed into the directory. EzineArticles directory is visited by hundreds of thousands of visitors on a daily basis.

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* This SEO glossary is under construction. The links to pages listing article writing and SEO terminology starting with other letters will be added soon.

Online Article Writing and SEO Glossary: Page E
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