Online Dating Site Review: Plenty of Fish

In this modern world, nearly everyone has gotten used to the idea of online dating. Many may have turned their nose up while considering it in the past; however, it seems that more and more people are looking for love online, while using online dating sites, such as Plenty of Fish. Today, it is possible that there are more individuals singing the praises of online dating and online dating sites than there are those who consider it to be terribly odd and desperate to search for love online.

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Plenty of Fish is Free to Use with Loads of User Options!

Plenty of Fish is free to use and is easy to use. While filling out your user profile form, they encourage you to talk about your hobbies, your goals, aspirations, your favorite music and all those things that make you a distinctive and unique individual that others will find interesting.

– Plenty of Fish Photos

They feature an image uploader so you can upload your photos; as a free member you can upload up to eight images to your profile. However, the one you choose for your profile photo must show your face or it will be reported for not following the rules. If you are more serious about your profile introduction, you can join the serious membership option and have the ability to upload sixteen photos.

They only accept image formats that are GIF, JPG and BMP with a 5.2 MB limit on the photos you can upload. You can set your photos to private and then only share them with other users that you message. Plenty of Fish also features a ‘rate your image’ option to allow others to rate what they see and think concerning your photos. However, you should know that you cannot use joke photos, such as that of cartoon characters, celebrity photos, bare torsos and nudity will get you tossed off the site and your user account deleted.

Right now, they are testing a new flash-based uploader; however, if it is not working for you, you can use the default image uploader. With the new flash-based uploader option, you can choose your main profile image and then the others in order as you would like to present them. You can check boxes for rating your photo, displaying it publicly, setting the photo you want to be your main profile image as well as adding comment captions for your photos on Plenty of Fish and the online dating site that is free to use. They also offer image help for finding and getting information concerning your profile photos as well as why they are working against you while you are using online dating as a form of finding romance.

– Plenty of Fish Forums

Plenty of Fish also offer free forums for their users. This means you can message and receive messages without having to pay a membership fee. Their forums are easy to navigate and use, while getting to know users all over the world and even in your own hometown. There are various sub-forums for all sorts of topics, you should go visit!

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– Plenty of Fish Options

Plenty of Fish offers you various easy-to-use options. You can edit and view your POF profile; you can see Who Viewed Me, to find out who has been checking out your POF profile. There is also a Who I Viewed option so you can go back and find anyone you thought interesting in the past. There is a Favorites option, which allows you to choose favorites and keep them handy in a folder as well as finding out whose favorite you are. You gain user points along the way and you can use them to buy, actually trade them for graphics to send to those you message, as well as the Serious Membership of selecting and buying a new background for your POF profile. They have just recently updated so you can see two rows of users who have viewed you and been online recently rather than just the one row. There are of course, other options on the Plenty of Fish free online dating site. You should take a look if you are so inclined.

– Plenty of Fish Makes a Hot Impression

According to their website, the Plenty of Fish site proudly boasts that their membership will reach over 18,000,000 dates with their other members this year. That is pretty impressive, encouraging and amazing when you get to thinking about all those people out there looking for love!

They also offer tests you can complete such as the chemistry test, which allows Plenty of Fish to match your personality with that of others to encourage match-ups that are long-lasting and stable, since they match you with users that will meet your emotional needs. Another is to help you discover your relationship needs to help you realize where you fell short without knowing it in your past relationships as well as offering you a customized action plan to help you ensure that your next relationships are successful relationships. They also offer you thirty-three topics you can discuss to help you achieve a successful long-term relationship. You simply click dots to answer or fill out a form.

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Plenty of Fish as a free online dating site is very popular and has captured the attention of such popular corporations as FOX, CNN, the New York Times, The Today Show and the Wall Street Journal, just to name a few. Plenty of Fish has also been featured on various magazine covers as one of the most popular online dating sites that are free to use.

– Personal Thoughts of Plenty of Fish

Well, I am one of those who are a bit shy about this type of thing, I’m strange in a way that I only message someone if they have an impressive profile, just to tell them that and only that, since I’m not flirting, I just enjoy a good and expressive profile. I’m also persnickety as all get out, so I’m very reserved while talking to someone who messages me. However, I have joined Plenty of Fish, because it is free to use and find it to also be easy to navigate and use. I have talked with a few fellows, but I am an ‘entertain my mind, kind of gal’ and even though it has been interesting to talk with others, it seems that many users may just be out on the prowl. Of course, while filling out my profile, I opted for LTR or long-term relationship. You can choose from others. For the most part POF users are friendly. You will find many hot looking photos and some interesting people to talk with and or even meet if you so choose. Personally, I only check in while finding myself bored and am also considering either hiding or taking my own POF profile down, since I have other things going on here at home since the time I have joined the site.

However, I do think that as online dating site, that Plenty of Fish is a decent site that has its share of both the good and the bad as far as users go, but that is par for the course, when you are dealing with life as well as a free online dating site.

You do have to take care not to fall victim of scammers and they are on that site as well as any others. However, when you find a scammer, you simply report it and the BigFish – Markus makes sure that they are promptly removed. By the way, Markus runs this site, all by himself and does a pretty good job of it!