Online Laptop Support for Troubleshooting ‘The RPC Server Is Not Available’ Error

Windows PC is prone to different types of errors and “The RPC Server is Not Available” is just one among many. If you are facing this error while trying to load the Windows, then don’t take it lightly. You need to get it resolved, and online laptop support service is an easy and quick way to get the troubleshooting done. In this article, you will comprehend about the error and its troubleshooting process.

What is ‘The RPC Server is Not Available’ error?

“The RPC Server is Not Available” error usually shows up during the first load of the Windows on a day. Moreover, there are chances that during the other log-in sessions you will not confront the error.

If you are not very apt in understanding the intricacies of laptop problems then these kinds of errors are sure to bounce over your head. But by availing online laptop technical support you can easily get the problem resolved right from the convenience of your residence.

‘The RPC Server is Not Available’ error, also known as “AD Replication Error 1722,” is a Windows RPC error. RPC is the acronym for Remote Procedure call. It is mainly a layer between the network support and application protocol. So any reason that causes the connectivity failure between network support and application protocol will lead to this error. This problem might occur because of various reasons such as the server gets unreachable, or the server can’t access the client, or there is some local problem in the client.

Apart from that there can be various other reasons that cause the “RPC Server is Not Available’ error. Some of those causes are as follows:

• Link local failure

• Routing failure

• DHCP failure

• Resource limitations

• Higher layer protocol not running

• DNS failure

• WINS failure

• IPSec / Network authentication failures

• Higher layer protocol is returning this error

• Operation failure related to the abstract TCP Connect

How to Resolve?

If you dial to an online laptop support guy seeking resolution for this problem, then surely he will fix the error. However, the online laptop technical support guy is most likely to perform the following troubleshooting techniques to get hold of the cause of the problem. You can also try the following troubleshooting tips before calling the remote computer repair guy.

These tips will help you in understanding the prime cause and thus you will be able to give a specific and accurate description of the problem to the online pc repair guy. That will help him in resolving the issue more promptly. But if you can’t perform the basic troubleshooting of your own, then also you must read the following troubleshooting tips. In this way, you can have better understanding of the problem that will help you in recognizing the troubleshooting process of the online laptop technical support executive, and thus you will understand his line of actions. It is helpful from the safety point of view also.

• First, verify the network service status and status of startup value of the RPC, RPC Locator, and Kerberos Key Distribution Center. Your OS (operating system) determines the correct values for the source and destination. Thus, here the remote computer repair guy will first verify whether the network is using the right values.

• If values are correct, then the online laptop support guy will next verify the ClientProtocols key. To verify this, they will visit the HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftRpc. Here, he will confirm that the RPC contains the appropriate default protocols. Even if a single key for ClientProtocols is missing, then also the error may occur.

• Thirdly, the tech support guy will verify the DNS server uniformity and functioning. It is very imperative that DNS must work in a good condition because DNS lookup failure leads to multiple 1722 RPC errors.

• Next, the remote computer repair guy will verify the network ports to confirm that neither of these ports has got blocked by a Windows firewall or any other similar third party application.

• Now, the tech support executive will try to identify the bad NIC drivers and then update them with the latest drivers. Replacing the faulty or outdated drivers with updated ones also helps in troubleshooting the problem.

• Still if the problem prevails, then the online laptop support guy will try to figure out the UDP fragmentation. UDP fragmentation causes replication errors that eventually lead to “RPC server is not available” error.


If you are apt in self-troubleshooting, then you can just follow the above-mentioned techniques and fix the problem. But if you are not very apt then better you leave it to the online pc repair executive. With his in-depth knowledge, he will fix the error without causing any further problem to your laptop.