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Online Laptop Support to Fix ‘The Remote Procedure Call Failed’ Error of Windows Store Apps

Apps are the current trend among computer users and people love using Windows Store Apps. Windows 8 gets all the more useful and appealing apps to use because of the Windows Store apps. These apps are indeed smart and make your task pretty simple. But many people confront issues while using the Windows app store and face errors like “The Remote Procedure Call Failed.” This article describes the troubleshooting for this error.

Self Troubleshooting

You might have seen that error dialog box for “The Remote Procedure Call Failed” error contains nothing to help you. It contains no error code or any Help link. So there is less you can try for self-troubleshooting the problem. However, you can try

• Updating the app or reinstalling it

• Syncing apps

• Disabling all third-party apps

• Switching from your local account to Microsoft account or vice versa

• Resetting app cache

• Running Windows Apps Troubleshooter

• Running the System File Checker command

Online Laptop Support

If nothing helps then, you need professional support. If you too are facing the “The Remote Procedure Call Failed” error, then you must learn that this type of error befalls because of corrupt or incorrect allocation of registry entries. When third-party apps tweak the registry entries, they get an incorrect allocation. In addition to that, even the failure of Remote Procedure Call or failure of the Remote Procedure Call Locater services may also lead to the same error.

Thus, if you want to troubleshoot this problem, then first you should confirm that Remote Procedure Call and Remote Procedure call Locater services are functioning properly. If you don’t know how to check the functioning, then you can seek Online laptop Support. Mainly, services.msc tool helps in checking the status of Remote Procedure Call and Remote Procedure call Locater services. The online laptop repair executive will run the tool and then they will perform a registry tweak.

As mentioned above the error occurs because of the wrong allocation of registry keys resulted in third party apps tweaks. So, the best way to mend the error is to perform another registry tweak. The online tech support executive can do the troubleshooting of the error in no time. He will simply take your laptop in remote connection and then perform the following steps:

• Press ‘Windows Key + R’ combination

• In the Run dialog box, type Regedt32.exe

• Hit Enter to open the Registry Editor

• Navigate to the following location:

• HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareClassesLocal SettingsSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionAppContainerStorage

• In the left pane, move to the Key Storage

• Scroll down and search for winstore_cw5n1h2txyewy subkey

• It is a mandatory subkey and must be there

• If the key is not seen, then the online laptop repair executive will create one by right clicking on Storage key and then selecting New Key.

• Next, using the same way, he will create two more subkeys of winstore_cw5n1h2txyewy. Name the two keys as Internet Settings and Software

• Now, he will download, most likely, the EXE version of SetACL. SetACL is an advanced Windows manipulation tool that most of the IT specialists prefer.

• The download link will be in the .zip format. So the online computer support guy will use a decompression software to unzip the files and save it in the system root drive, i.e., C: WindowsSystem32 assuming C: is the system root drive.

• Finally, he will run the following command in the administrative Command Prompt:
o SetACL -on ‘hkcuSoftwareClassesLocal SettingsSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionAppContainerStoragewinstore_cw5n1h2txyewy’ -ot reg -actn ace -ace ‘n: S-1-15-2-2608634532-1453884237-1118350049-1925931850-670756941-1603938316-3764965493;p:full;i:so,sc;m:grant;w:dacl’
Then, your system will be set for a restart so that the effects get applied.


With these steps, the online laptop support guy will resolve “The Remote Procedure Call Failed” error. You can check by revisiting the same app in Windows app store that was earlier giving you the error dialog. You must not see the error after the troubleshooting.

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