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Online PC Repair: Pros and Cons

Computers have become an integral part of our lives. We depend way too much on these electronic devices these days to get our work done. Computers assist us in almost everything. From preparingpresentations and documents for official work to developing programs and applications, computers have very vast applications. They are employed in almost every field such as hospitals, airports, universities and schools, research centers, factories etc. A computer or a laptop is a very common sight at a household as well. A student’s life revolves around his computer. At households it is mostly used for recreational purposes. Since computers are used to perform a gazillion of functions, it is very common for them to face technical problems. In this article we shall discuss about the common problems faced by a household desktop and the most availed method of computer repair, that is, the online PC repair.


The problems

Slowness of computers, unresponsive behavior of certain applications, malware attacks, failure of power supply, internet connectivity issues, problems with device drivers and operating systems, incompatibility of a particular software with the operating system are some of the very common problems faced by a regular computer user. People who have sound technical knowledge are able to sort the above mentioned problems along with a few that are slightly advanced. But for people who are not aware of the intricacies of computers functions and computer repairs, there is always an option of hiring someone else to do it for them. One of the methods is to take the system to the repair center or call the repairmen to your home to have the system fixed. But there are some limitations of these methods that are taken care by the remote PC repair.

Remote PC repair

As the name suggests, the system is accessed and repaired by a person present at some remote location. It offers all the services and fixes that the onsite method provides. The only difference lies in the way it is provided. You don’t have to take your system to the repair center. You don’t even need a repair man in your vicinity as long as you have a sound internet connection. The online PC repair commences with the establishment of a “remote desktop connection” between the user and the support provider. Once the two systems are virtually connected, the online technician is able to view the system and look for problems. If the problem, for example, lies in the registry database, he will access it virtually and fix it. And after the problem has been sorted, the connection expires and he is no longer able to access your system.

The Pros

The option of remote PC repair can be availed anytime from anywhere unlike its offline counterparts. If you are traveling and face acomputer glitch, you can contact the online PC repair center and get stared with the support on the go. All it requires is a stable internet connection. In case internet connection is dodgy, you can get guidance over the phone call. There is not a single software problem online remote PC repair cannot fix. If the support provider is not able to sort the issues, which is rarely the case, they don’t even charge their customers. Some support providers grant free diagnostics and troubleshooting. The best thing about online repairs is that you are saved from the trouble of disconnecting your system, packing and then taking it all the way to the repair center. In this case the repair is brought to you, right at your desktops. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home to gain remote PC repair.

The cons

There is just one slight problem with seeking online repair. When it comes to hardware fixes, they don’t provide much. If the hardware component, say the printer can be made to work by fixing its drivers, then it is fine. But there are certain hardware such as powersupply, the cooling fan, USB ports etc. that require a person to physically examine and fix them.Now to handle such situations, many support providers have come up with pick and drop services, where they send a repair man to collect the faulty hardware from their clients and then deliver it right at their doorsteps after it has been fixed.

In case of online PC repair, the pros outweigh the cons. If the right person is there to help you, there is no need to worry about letting someone else access your computer in order to fix it.


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