Online Quality Education at an Affordable Price

Online education and tutoring is finding wide acceptance in today’s world. The main reasons for this is the growth in internet penetration, availability of internet in one’s palms on a smartphone or a tablet and reduced costs of bandwidth usage.

The question is no longer whether online education is possible but how effective it can get. Today, many learning delivery organizations are including the online approach into their strategy. Since user requirements vary depending on age, level and content, the approaches to deliver online education and tutoring also vary to a large extent.

Some of the many ways that online training is making its presence known is through

  • Courses for school going children
  • Courses for college education
  • Courses for the working professional
  • Self-learning hobby courses for the interested person

Important points to consider before choosing your online tutor

  1. Methodology: this means how the course will be delivered. There are many ways – text for self-reading, pre-recorded videos, audio plus text and live webinars. Depending on your comfort and preferences, you can decide which methodology will give you the maximum benefits.
  2. The qualification of the trainers: it is important to know who is taking the course, what his or her credentials are and whether he is an accomplished expert in his subject.
  3. The reputation of the training institute: if more students are taking their online courses, chances are that they are providing good quality education. You can also check online forums and ratings along with feedback from others who have taken their courses to understand whether it is a worthwhile institute to join.
  4. Affordability: finally, you must know whether the course fees are affordable.

Benefits of online tutoring

Online education has its set of benefits over the traditional classroom approach. The only advantage that a classroom has was the physical availability of the teacher and the ability for a student to ask instant questions. However, this difference is being nullified with the availability of training through video conferencing where a teacher provides a live session to students in remote places. Apart from this, there are many other plus points for online training.

  • Convenience: online training can be completed at any convenient time. Supposing you are a professional with office hours from 9 to 5. You can enroll for an online course and go through the materials in the late night or early morning or even on weekends. Children and college goers can enroll for additional classes apart from their regular education.
  • Personalized support: In many case, students feel shy of asking questions in a classroom but in an online environment, they can use email or chat to ask questions and clarify their individual doubts.
  • Different pace: Every student is different in terms of skills and knowledge and has his own learning pace. You might learn maths faster than languages while your friend may learn languages faster than maths. An online education program allows each person to learn at his own pace. You can spend more time on difficult modules and speed through the easier ones.
  • Safe environment: there is no need to travel in peak traffic to go to the college or school because now you can learn from the comfort of your study room. The trainer comes to you instead of you going to the trainer.
  • Evaluation: As compared to a classroom course, an online training program does not miss much in terms of evaluations. There are online assignments, quizzes and exams which can be attempted by the student and results are available instantly in many cases.
  • Peer support: Another important trait of an online education program is the availability of online peer support groups in the form of forums and chats. Answers given to a specific question are available for future students who many have similar queries.

Online education is becoming more and more affordable with improvements in technology and increase in number of students opting for that option.