Online Samples of EFL Motivation Surveys UK & USA

Samples of EFL Motivation surveys can be a great way to get some extra learning content for your EFL class. Using these samples you can adjust them or base your own motivation surveys on them so that you can have a unique learning aid for your class. Finding good quality samples of motivation EFL surveys can be difficult, however. In this article we will take a look at AFL surveys and how you can find some samples of them.

English as a Foreign Language (Motivation EFL)

English as a foreign language, or EFL for short, is the designation to people who are learning English as their non-primary language. Sometimes this same thing is also referred to as ‘ESL’ or English as a second language.

How Are EFL Motivation Surveys Used?

Sometimes it can be difficult to provoke conversation in English with a non-English-speaking group of students. EFL motivation surveys do what their name suggests, they motivate people into talking. Typically a survey will present a situation or topic and a series of questions based on that topic. This teaching method is designed to be both engaging and practical for non-english-speaking students. Conversing in English in as natural a way as possible is crucial to a good learning experience.

What Sort of Topics are Samples of EFL Surveys Available On?

Good EFL surveys use topics that are both relevant and useful. They can be based on pop-culture, real-life situations, or in-depth discussion topics. Here are a few common examples:

Personal Traits – Habits, quirks and other personality traits make for an interesting discussion point and can really get students talking about themselves and others in English. Along with pop-culture, these surveys can be some of the most fun.

Real-Life Situations – These surveys are more practical and focus on situations that students are likely to fins themselves in. Things such as talking to police or asking someone for directions make great real-life situations for these surveys.

Heated Debates – Getting a debate going on an important issue to your students can be a great way to help them with their communication of complex ideas in English. Surveys on these topics are a great way to encourage this.

Popular Culture – As mentioned earlier, discussing popular culture can be quite fun. It is also very important to learning English as a lot of English language use is related to pop-culture references and idioms.

Social Customs – Having students role play something like eating at a restaurant and then asking questions on it can be a great way to get students used to these situations while promoting English discussion.

Blank Template Surveys – If none of the above suit your needs it can be possible to find blank templates for survey topics that you can come up with yourself. You can even ask your students for ideas they would like to explore and practice.

What to Look For in an EFL Survey

The two most important things in an EFL survey is that they promote the use of new English expressions and techniques within the students and that they are engaging. Above all else, if the survey topic is not deemed engaging enough or relevant enough you will have a hard time promoting useful discussion. Developing a love for the use of the language and the ways in which it can be used is crucial to effective EFL teaching.

Where to Get Samples of EFL Motivation Surveys

To get good samples of EFL motivation surveys you can either go to a paid for website or a free EFL survey site. The quality in the paid options is generally better and you can sometimes even request for certain topics to be made up, saving you the time and hassle. If you have the money to spend then it may be well worth opting for a paid survey sample to be made up for your class.

If, however, you need to save a bit of money there are plenty of freely available samples of EFL motivation surveys on certain websites. A good example is BogglesWorldESL where you can download samples on a few different topics, especially on the common ones mentioned earlier. Typically these samples are available in Microsoft Word format making them easier to modify, though some websites have templates on their webpages that you can modify and print out.