News Online Selling With An Appraisal Advantage

Online Selling With An Appraisal Advantage


For both experienced and new online sellers alike, appraisals are a necessity if you are selling antiques or fine art. A low-cost or free art appraisal can help verify the authenticity of an item and inspire confidence in potential buyers. Selling art online allows you to reach a wider audience, as well as save money on some of the overhead that comes with a traditional business model. However, it may be difficult for potential buyers to appreciate the quality of an item when they can’t inspect it themselves. Getting an expert to appraise your item provides your customers with the additional details they need to make an informed purchase.

Find Easy Appraisals Online

If you’re selling antiques and art online, it may be beneficial to contract the services of an online art appraisal company. An online appraisal company can give you a valuation of your item in less than 48 hours. Value My Stuff is a website that specializes in providing expert appraisals for a variety of items. Simply upload a photo and a specialist will provide a detailed appraisal of your item. Their package deals give you price breaks for buying in bulk, meaning you can earn a free art appraisal and save money when you get multiple items appraised at once. Click here to get started with an expert appraisal.

Bring Your Inventory to Life

Client satisfaction rates increase when they receive items in the condition described online. Especially with antiques and fine art, fostering a loyal client base can help grow your business and provide steady returns. Great photos and thoughtful descriptions are a basic way to help potential customers conceptualize the object they’re considering buying. An appraisal goes the extra mile by bringing a specialist’s opinion to the table. A knowledgeable buyer will appreciate an expert’s detailed summary of the quality and value of the item for sale. With a second opinion outlining the particulars and worth of your item, buyers have a better understanding of what they are purchasing and a higher likelihood of the item meeting their expectations.

Make a Deal Sweeter

With an appraisal you can help validate a great but undocumented find, padding your profits along the way. All you need is a good eye and a little expertise to pick up some great deals at garage or estate sales. However, it is extremely unlikely that these objects come with a perfect paper trail. Getting an art appraisal validates the authenticity and value of an item for a relatively low cost. With an expert’s opinion in hand, you have more basis to increase your prices if the item proves to be authentic.

Selling your art, antiques, and collectibles online comes with the benefit of low overhead, but it can be difficult for a buyer to have confidence in the quality of an item they can’t physically see or touch. Enlisting the help of an experienced and expert specialist to appraise your items helps validate the worth of your inventory. Potential buyers will be able to review a third party’s opinion, giving them a better idea of the item they are considering. A low-cost or free art appraisal is a simple step you can take towards building your business, growing a customer base, and sell your inventory for a great price.

Online Selling With An Appraisal Advantage
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