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Money Now! USA, an online company based in Scottsdale, Arizona has just added another loan service in their long list of services and that is by giving a $7,500 online shopping credit line to qualifying customers. They offer shopping cards to US customers who get approved and they call the card as “Money Now USA Shopping card”. The card is a privately branded credit card that consumers can use to purchase some merchandise at their own online shopping mall. With the use of this card, consumers will be able to shop from a wide range of products that the company sell through their online store and among these are electronics, perfume, clothing, tools, equipments, sporting goods, video games, jewelry and a lot more.

The Money Now USA Shopping card is truly a great way for Money Now USA’s consumers to buy the products they want even if they do not have any funds available. As you might now, the concept of buy now pay later is now becoming popular in the Internet, allowing an average US consumer to be able to buy some necessities even if they are short of funds. Under this shopping scheme, companies would offer online shopping credit line to their avid consumers, including those who have bad credit rating. All you need to do is to search for these companies online and you will surely be given a long list of companies that offer buy now pay later financing schemes. The Money Now! USA has adopted this concept so that their consumers can shop on their site and pay for the goods at a later time.

The products can either be purchased in full from the Money Now! USA online store or they can be bought with a down payment and then pay the rest of the balance in small easy installments. After about four consecutive payments, the members will automatically receive lower payments as a sort of compensation for paying on time. The online shopping credit line that one can obtain from the Money Now USA Shopping card reports to a total of three credit agencies and is definitely a quick and easy way for consumers to be able to rebuild their credit.

There are no annual fees involved with the online shopping credit line. There are no interest fees or finance charges as well. The company will only ask you to pay an initial fee of $49.95 and this will cover the cost of printing as well as mailing the fulfillment package and with a minimal charge of $9.95 per month. The entire package that will be mailed to you will come with a new credit card and contains all information about the company’s online stores. This is to give you an idea on where you can use the cards for purchase.

Money Now USA will not do any background or credit check and even employment verification to those who will apply for a credit line. The process of application is so easy and quick. All you need is to go to their site and you will be given instructions on how you could apply for an online shopping credit line.

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