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Online Tech Support to Troubleshoot 0x0000000A Error

A Stop 0xA or a Stop 0x0000000A error is often encountered by Windows XP users. The trouble is a warning against system components that are not working well. However, if you know all about it, then it would be easier to overcome it and troubleshoot it.

A Stop 0x0000000A error is a result of driver attempt or a process that accesses memory section without permission. Often this error occurs when a new copy of the software is installed. Another reason can be installation of new hardware or drivers for upgrading the system. The error code is often also known as blue screen of death. It might be common, but is completely annoying. If you do not know how to deal with it, then you will need to seek computer assistance or live PC support in this matter. Let online tech support give you some tips on troubleshooting the error in the easiest way.

Following are some of the methods to troubleshoot the error:

Third-party Software

You need to check and ensure for any third-party software that you have recently installed. If you have, then you should disable or remove it. Then reboot the system and check if the trouble still exists. You will be able to determine if the trouble is with the driver or the software.
If you have installed multiple software, then you will need to remove one at a time. Disable or remove one software and reboot the system to check which one is the cause of trouble. It will help you isolate the troublemaker.

If you have removed the software and the error message gets resolved, then the issue is related to the software. You will need to report it to the vendor for resolving the issue.
If you still find trouble even after disabling the software, then you need to seek help computer services for this purpose.

Third-party Hardware

The trouble can be a result of third-party hardware installation. You will need to remove the hardware to ensure it is causing trouble and then reboot the system. Remember if you have installed more than one hardware components, then you will need to remove each one by one and reboot the system to understand what is causing the stop error.

If the trouble vanishes after removing recent hardware then follow the steps mentioned below:

• Begin by locating updated drivers for the given device

• Get in touch with the vendor of the device or the driver to know more about the issues and fixes

• Run diagnostics for ensuring that the hardware is working properly

• If the method of removing hardware does not work then try System Restore or go for live PC support.

If isolating the case gets rid of the trouble then you need not look further. If it doesn’t work, then move on to the next step for restoring windows.

Restore Windows

If you are still going through the trouble with the software or hardware, then you should opt for this method.

Using System Restore feature

No matter what, it is always possible to restart the system in Safe Mode. It will help you with eliminating threats in the easiest way. Additionally, Safe Mode helps you work with programs that are rendered inactive in the normal mode.

When you are using the System Restore facility, it is all about taking a snapshot of the system files that are critical including program files. The information then gets stored and added to the restore points.

If you are able to work with it and the trouble vanishes then you are done. If this method does not work, then try Recovery Console method.

Using Recovery Console

The Recovery Console that is used for restoring Windows will come handy when you have already used other options. If you are not able to reboot the system in Safe Mode, then you can run the Recovery Console using the CD-ROM.

You can use the method for disabling or enabling services, read/write data and format drives. You can even format drives in the local drive with NTFS file system. The method comes handy when you are copying file from CD-ROM or a disk for fixing your computer.


First, you need to ensure that you have a DVD or an installation CD available. Then restart the system and insert the DVD, the message prompts will guide you through the process.

If you are not able to find the way through then, it is advisable that you opt for computer assistance in this matter.

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