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Online Technical Support to Troubleshoot 0x80070005 Error

Windows PC errors are uncertain and they may ruin your entire computing experience by downgrading your system’s performance during the crucial work hours. Online technical support companies and live support technicians attempt to repair your PCs by offering instant online support. Read below to know how you can troubleshoot 0x80070005 error on Windows OS.

Sometimes, you may feel that your PC is behaving unusually or is turning sluggish after certain period of time. System unresponsiveness, frequent hangs, uncertain shutdowns and other common computer problems may force you to contact online technical help companies. There are plenty of online computer support companies available across the globe to offer instant tech resolutions to your uncertain PC problems. The 0x80070005 error code generally appears immediately after you log on your system and present the following error message:

“Windows is not genuine

Your computer might not be running a counterfeit copy of Windows.


Some of the Common Symptoms of 0x80070005 Error

• The system’s desktop background turns black and shows up “This copy of Windows is not genuine” error message on the bottom right corner of the screen

• A User may get “You must activate today. Activate Windows now” message while trying to view the System Properties

• “Error: 0x80070005 Access denied: the requested action requires elevated privileges” may appear while a user tries to use ‘slmgr.vbs /dlv’ to view the Windows licensing status

Some Common Causes Behind Occurrence of This Error

• Lack of permissions in the ‘HKUS-1-5-20’registry key

• The Network Service account is demanding a full control over that registry key
• Error may appear after you finish applying Plug and Play Group Policy object (GPO)
• Missing registry keys

Steps Used by Technical Support Specialist to Fix the Issue

1. Type ‘CMD’ in the Search box, right-click the ‘CMD,’ and select ‘Run as administrator’ option

2. Press ‘Yes’ and type ‘slmgr.vbs /dlv’ in the command prompt

3. If “Error: 0x80070005 Access denied: the requested action requires elevated privileges” message will appear, it means that either the registry key is missing or Windows licensing activation has some permission issues

Method 1: Disable Plug & Play policy

• Click Start, go to Search box, and type ‘CMD’

• Right-click ‘CMD’ and press ‘Run as Administrator’ option

• Type ‘rsop.msc’ and hit Enter

• Expand Computer Configuration, Windows settings, and System Services sections to locate ‘Plug and Play’ feature

• Set the radio button to ‘Not Defined’ and restart your PC to fix the error
Method 2: Reset your Network Hardware

• Connect your device to Internet and go to ‘Control Panel’

• Locate ‘Network and Sharing Center’ and scroll the left pane to select ‘Change Adapter Settings’ option

• Right-click ‘Local Area Connection’ option and select ‘Disable’

• Right-click ‘Wireless Network’ icon and select ‘Disable’

• Now, restart the system and wait patiently for the system to reboot

• Again, go to ‘Network and Sharing Center,’ select ‘Change Adapter Settings’ option, and enable both the adapters

• Exit ‘Network and Sharing Center’ window and install the latest Windows updates

• Also check for optional updates & hardware driver updates that are available

• Once all the updates get installed, try running Windows activation again


Troubleshooting Windows errors isn’t an easy task and a user should not take a chance to repair registry keys manually, until he is a PC professional or a technical support specialist. You can contact online support companies to fix such complex and tiring PC problems. Additionally, the live support technicians are available round the clock to deliver seamless online technical help and remote PC solutions. Research over the web to find an ideal online computer support company, and enjoy immense support for uncertain PC issues, virus removal, Os install, and other computer issues.

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