Online Writer Must Be Organized

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An online writer must be organized like any other professional. The romantic picture of a man or woman in lounge clothes and flip-flops can be misleading. Yes one can write in any kind of clothing but that betrays the picture.

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Work Like Any Other

Any economic activity that brings food on the table is work like any other an must be treated likewise. The same rules of punctuality, politeness and meeting deadlines apply. Yes a writer is answerable to herself, but so is everyone.

Discipline And Judgment Needed

The Internet is a very huge infrastructure with so many possibilities and that is why it is so versatile and useful to the modern caveman. With versatility comes temptations. The first temptation is that of the many online writing platforms around and the several that sprout everyday. One must choose diligently where to write and what to write on. There are choices of whether to use a pen name or to use the real name.

Then there are administrative matters of passwords, tracking revenue and responding to comments.

A Writer Has A Life

The beauty of writing is that one can do it as a personal endeavor to seek one’s inner soul like painting, music or any art form. A writer can write and not been heard by those close to him. And those close to him demands his attention and sometimes at his best moments of personal expression.

A writer must manage his online work so that it does not interfere much with his offline responsibility. There is time for dinner with the family and some writers (most of them) have real jobs that must be respected ahead of writing.

Full time writers, the stay at home mom or dad is even more vulnerable because there is expectation that they are always available for chores at all times.

House Keeping

Probably the most difficult issue concerns housekeeping issues. There are matters of basic tools of the trade such electronic tablets, laptops and even seating arrangement. Must these be dedicated to the writer in the house? Sometimes people start writing because they lost their jobs and such equipment may appear as a luxury at first.

A writer must always have his best drink available, to most this is water and coffee. Arrangements for the water cooler and coffee maker must be part of the planning.

Personal Finances

When success comes it pours. Before that there is penny pinching. Those who write as a full time career have no one to cater for insurance and medical aid.

A writer must manage his finances and tax obligations carefully especially because he is on his own.

I started online writing recently and I am still navigating the industry trying to figure out the best sites with minimal administration requirements. I am at a stage where I want less hassle with AdSense, Amazon and VigLinks accounts set up. I hope I will have those set up at all sites that I am considering to write on.

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