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Oops… Know why women often drop kegels before even trying it.

Apart from commonly believed myths about kegels, it helps in eliminating prolapse symptom, urinary incontinence and enhances women’s sexual desires. It is worth doing physical exercises to eliminate urinary incontinence- Start with facts!

I took a while to respond when I first heard about the commonly believed myths about kegals-one of the best takes to treat urinary incontinence and lack of sexual drive etc. as a kick-start! I formulated a blog thinking, it is never too late to learn and educate others. Let’s know what the myths are and what the facts behind it are?

Women are sensitive with their reproductive and genital organs, the more they know, the better it is for them to cope up through their hard times while childbirth and vaginal surgeries etc. However, many health care practitioners or consumers don’t know much about the surgical repercussions affecting women at large. For over 200,000 of the U.S women undergo surgeries to treat urinary incontinence or POP (pelvic Organ Prolapse) once in their lifetime and eleven percent on the average face this by the time they reach their 70’s. One out of 9 returns back to the theatre for further surgeries, once suffered with POP. Most importantly, a lot of women suffer from urine incontinence without knowing what they are going through. They feel deprived and mentally secluded to discuss with anyone. Thus, a little awareness could benefit them greatly. Kegel, if performed accurately is a highly rewarding therapy for stress urinary incontinence, women’s sexual health and reproduction.

Although, doctors or urologists are best at explaining kegels but the best way to learn is to watch kegel exercises tutorials. With this, you could learn the right position, the right posture, the right muscles to contract and the right time to contract and relax. The ?????? ???? are very simple, safe and free from any interventions and side effects but the only thing needed is the right technique of observing kegels.

Apart from learning how to perform kegels, you must be aware of the common myths about kegels that are sadly accepted as truths. Let’s discuss a few common myths and facts about kegels.

Myth 1: Kegels are intentional contractions, involving PC –Pubococcygeus muscles only.

Fact 1: Kegel technique does not only include the PC but the entire pelvic floor muscles.

Myth 2: Kegals could be observed anywhere, anytime of the day, whether at work or while driving.

Fact 2: For three definite reasons, this myth is wrong! Firstly, kegal is nothing that could be observed anywhere at any time. For effective results, Kegal could only be done when you are free at mind and ready to concentrate. For high intensity muscle contractions, you need time and brains to think deeply. Posing to hold urine in the middle needs attention, if not you either’ll observe weak kegals – useless or you’ll crash it hard. After each set of it, you must relax your pelvic floor muscles, even that require peace of mind and time to think over it. Third and the last, women who observe loads of weak kegals, end up doing nothing. Consistent practice would help you succeed.

Myth 3: Doing loads and loads of kegals is good.

Fact 3: Doing loads and loads of kegals would lead to hypertonic pelvic floor muscles, resulting in pain during intercourse. A few dozen takes a day is all you need and this takes just a while.

Myth 4: For best results, kegal device is needed.

Fact 4: It is recently reported, devices make no difference. In fact, it sometimes is complicated, painful and inconvenient.

The above-mentioned myths and facts are some of the common beliefs among women; they tend to drop down at the initial medical treatments, thinking it is hard to follow, less result oriented and time consuming. However, the facts discussed above would definitely help you in observing kegals in the right way.

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