Open Cell Foam Padding

Looking for open cell foam padding? There are many different uses for it. In this article we’ll discuss a few and point you towards some recommended items that incorporate this technology.

Open cell foam padding is different from traditional memory foam. Traditional memory foam acts as an insulator, trapping heat from your body within the cells of the foam itself. These cells are “closed”. Open cell is different in that it channels heat away from the body rather than insulating.

I personally started looking for open cell padding when I was shopping for mattress toppers for my bed. Many of the memory foam toppers I tried had a few huge problems that resulted in me not liking them and ultimately returning them.

  1. I got too hot when sleeping on them. I would wake up in the middle of the night far too warm. This did not make for a good night’s sleep!
  2. The smell. Some of the pads I tried had a very strong chemical odor when opened. It faded a bit over time, but in something that goes on your mattress you’re obviously very close to it so I could usually still smell it weeks afterward.

Many of the newer open cell foam types don’t have this chemical smell, so they work very well for mattress toppers. This combined with the heat dissipation made this the type of pad I went with for the mattresses in my house.

One thing to note about open cell is that it is NOT very good for camping uses. Because of the open cells this type of foam can absorb liquid pretty easily and it’s also quite soft and squishy. This is great on your mattress, but not so great when you’re trying to get comfortable sleeping on the ground while camping. So if you’re searching for a foam pad for camping uses, you’re better off going with a closed cell pad as it will be water-resistant in addition to being firmer which will allow you to use a thinner and lighter pad, which is always a plus when camping.

Getting back to open cell, I wanted to highlight a few of the pads that I’ve purchased for my family’s use. They’ve all worked out great for us. See the links below this article. Be sure to read the reviews, but I ultimately took the plunge on these and have not regretted it. Get the right open cell foam padding and you’ll be comfortable for years to come.