Open House: DO’s And DON'Ts Of An Open House, Buyers’ Point Of View

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Attending open house events greatly benefits homebuyers. Not only do they get to see the property up close and personal, they also get to share insights with people of the same interests. As such, this can prove very helpful later on when it’s time for them to make purchasing decisions.

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What Are The DO’s And DONT’s Of An Open House From A Buyer’s POV
Learn the major DOs and DONTs from a buyer’s POV (Point of View). Here are some of them.

• Come prepared. Conduct a research first. For instance, if you are looking for a Makati condominium to live in, make sure that the one up for showing is indeed a good candidate out of the PH condos out there. Is the location suitable to your taste? How about the neighborhood? On the day of the event, have a notebook and pen ready available so you can take notes. If it’s permitted, bring a digital camera too so you can document what you saw.

• Be observant and thorough in your inspection. Look behind closed doors and assess the storage capacity of the place. Check for abnormalities and items that need repair. Note the interior and exterior condition of the home. How good is the structure in terms of being calamity-proof? See the sound levels emitted from the neighbors. Is it bearable?

• Listen closely. This does not pertain to seller’s agent alone. Do the same to prospective buyers. Pay attention to the information that is not provided in the fliers. How long has it been up in the market? How reasonable is the cost? Is it within your budget? What do the others say about it? How good or bad is the deal? Find any detail that will confirm that you are investing on the right property.

• Forget to log your details. Remember that by signing in your info, you are giving the seller’s agent a way to notify and follow you up. If you’d rather choose to initiate the contact, omit your phone number or put down a remark stating the case.

• Bring your kids with you. It’s only sensible to leave your children at your own residence so you can focus on your assessment without any distraction. Keep in mind that they may not have the patience to wait for you to finish the tour which can lead them to do something more playful like going to the backyard or wandering out in the streets.

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Open House: DO’s And DON'Ts Of An Open House, Buyers’ Point Of View, Seekyt
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