Opt-in Email Marketing – Does It Perform?

Email marketing is a sure-fire winner when it comes to generating an income online. It’s worked for years and it still works today. There is no better legal way of generating cash online, than sending an email to a subscriber on your list, with a link to an offer that will help their business or solve a problem.

The offer needs to be targeted specifically to your list, not some vague referral to an associated product or service that ‘may’ be of interest. Stay on topic for that subscriber and you have a good chance of making a sale.

Why opt-in? Well, any email sent without permission may be construed as spam, will probably end up in the recipients junk mail folder, and may result in you getting blacklisted. If you wish to mail out offers, it should only be to those individuals who have requested information from you and “opted” to receive them.

Anyone wishing to generate online income through email marketing, requires the services of an email services provider (ESP) to distribute the offers you are making. Yes there are programs that run from your desktop or your web hosts server, but believe me that is the wrong direction to go in.

There are a handful of good ESP’s out there to choose from, with very similar pricing. Some offer free, or cheap trials for a month, so are certainly inexpensive to try out. To get subscribers to your email list you will need them to provide their name and email address. This is generally achieved via an opt-in form on your website.

These forms link directly to your ESP who performs the necessary tasks to ensure the email address is added to your list. Via these forms it is possible to add countless subscribers and you can have as many lists as you need. Each list could be linked to your particular market or niche, and sub niches as required. This way you can keep your lists very tightly targeted and therefore more responsive and less likely to unsubscribe.

To get your form onto your website you upload a form code from your ESP and embed it on your webpage. It is a relatively simple process, irrespective of which platform your website is built on.

To entice people to give you their email address it is a good idea to give them some kind of inducement, or free gift. This can be a free copy of your newsletter or a special report you have written. These are usually downloadable files in pdf format or something similar.

The opt-in process your potential subscriber goes through can be single or double opt-in. Single opt-in produces more sign-ups, but also results in more failures as some people will provide wrong or non-existent addresses, just to get the freebie. The double opt-in process involves the prospect clicking a re-confirm link in an email sent by your ESP requesting reconfirmation before they get the gift. This is the safest option for maintaining a good status.

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