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Oral B 5000 Vs Sonicare Flexcare – Which is Better?

Oral B 5000 or Philips Sonicare – Which is Best for You?

Looking to invest in a new electric toothbrush and are debating whether to buy the Oral B 5000 or Sonicare Flexcare produced by Philips? This comparison guide will provide you with a brief but hugely informative breakdown analysis, where you can see exactly where which one performs better in each aspect and what the differences are between them. Then to conclude we will decide on an overall winner and which is the electric toothbrush you should go for.

The Winner (by far): The Oral B 5000 (see why below)

Cleaning Technology & Revolutions

Sonicare Flexcare HX6921: Sonic Technology | 31,000 Brush Strokes per minute

Oral B 5000: Oral B Precision System | 40,000 Pulsations and 8,800 Oscillations per minute

Both technologies act to remove plaque at least a 100% better than your standard manual toothbrush. As can be seen though, the Oral B completely out does the sonicare in the amount of revolutions performed within a 60 second period by approximately 50%.

Custom Cleaning Modes

Sonicare Flexcare HX6921: Refresh | Sensitive | Massage | Gum Care | Clean

Oral B 5000: Daily Clean | Deep Clean | Sensitive | Massage | Polish

As you can see, although they have different name, they largely carry out a similar job. The ‘Clean’ & ‘Daily Clean’ are your standard brushing mode, ‘Sensitive’ produces a softer brush to cater for those with sensitive teeth (from the reviews, 5000 is marginally better) and then then HX6921 has two ‘gum’ modes (both massage and gum care), however the Oral B 5000’s ‘massage’ mode is clinically proven to be more effective and improving gum health than the sonicare (both within two weeks). You will see the 5000 also offers a polish mode for those after whiter teeth.

Cleaner Heads

Sonicare Flexcare HX6921: Standard Cleaner Brush Head

Oral B 5000: Custom: Sensitive, Ortho, Floss Action etc.

With the Philips sonicare you get one standard brush head that is meant to deal with everything, not the case. Oral B though have been clever about this, they have come with an entire range of different style brush heads that serve a slightly different purpose depending on your circumstance. E.g. the ortho is for those with braces, pro soft for those with sensitive teeth, pro whiten for those after a polished ‘whiter’ shine and so on.

Added Features

Sonicare Flexcare HX6921: Integrated 2 minute pacer

Oral B 5000: Integrated 2 minute pacer | pressure indicator | smart guide | bristle indicator

Both electric toothbrushes offer the 2 minute optimum cleaning recommended timer integrated into them with 30 seconds increments for you to change cleaning quadrant in your mouth. However, the 5000 offers so much more. A pressure indicator to let you know you are cleaning too hard and damaging enamel, a bristle indicator letting you know the cleaner head needs replacing and is no longer optimal. It even comes with a wireless lcd smart guide visual to act as if a dentist is in the room with you whilst you clean your teeth.

Note; they have the same 10 day battery allowance and come with a rechargeable docking station (taking roughly an hour for them to fully charge) both offer the 5 minute quick cleaning mode though. Also, the 5000 offers an extra 15 days (60 days) money back guarantee offer than the sonicare as well as longer warranty coverage.

Which is Best the Oral B 5000 or Sonicare Flexcare?

It is clear, the Oral B 5000 is far better than the sonicare flexcare. With the comparison guide oral b 5000 vs sonicare, it proved better in almost every aspect; i) sonic technology – performed more revolutions & movements, ii) same amount of cleaning modes – but the 5000’s were more effective, iii) also the cleaner heads offered you a far greater amount of custom brushes to address anyone who has particular dental needs when cleaning.

The 5000 also comes with far more ‘extras’ and warranty package covering it — you will also find that the Oral B brand in general perform better in academic clinical studies than the sonicare brand does too. Finally, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the comparison of the oral b 5000 vs sonicare please make them below.

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