Orange Bed Sheets

The color orange is a retro “hot” color that represents much energy. Sometimes too much energy needs to be toned down, however, when you have a certain color scheme, you can use orange as much as you like.

Orange bedding is rarely seen. To use the color orange effectively you must have a plan for your bedroom scheme. Using orange sheets on the bed and having orange paint furniture will definitely not do it. You can bring your orange bedding out by maintaining a neutral color scheme within the room. You can even compliment them with burnt orange drapery or shades.

Your bedroom is considered a place for resting and relaxing, so when it comes to your bed sheet collection, you can make quite a difference in the way the room feels. When you choose orange bed sheets, you are basically being playful, bold and invigorating. When you play with colors, you can trick the eyes with different schemes to make a person feel more relaxed and calm. If you want more of a modern feel, you can keep your orange sheets and add some black and white to the room. Ivory and tan accented with a hot color will give a warm feel. However, you will need to match colors delicately and avoid clashing.

After deciding on a color scheme for your room, quality bed sheets are the way to go. High quality will definitely last longer for you and it will have a smooth and fascinating feel. You want to be on the look out for silks, linen, soft flannel and Egyptian cotton with a high fiber count.

One more way of adding a final touch to your room is accenting your orange bed sheets with different sized throw pillows and a nice multi-colored comforter or a solid color. Your comforter will be the one product that can help add in different colors you would have normally not put together. Subtly is usually best.

Your bedroom is your personal space and sanctuary. Adding your flare and personality can only be fun and exciting. Whatever color you decide to go with, there is always a way to incorporate it.