I have been on Orencia since November. I did the infusions in November and part of December, then I got sick. Well the Doctors shedule wouldn’t go with my schedule and she had to approve me before the infusions, so she convienced me to do self injections. Now I don’t like needles so I really didn’t want to do this, but I promised to give the self injections a try.

The first injection was given in her office with a nurse. The injection was bad at all, I was more scared then anything. The nurse told me how to do it and then said go ahead. I said um and started to look away and she put her hand over mine and made me do the injection. It really didn’t hurt. That was it, I was all set in their eyes to them at home.

It is now Feburary and I have been doing the injections once a week unless I’m sick. Its not easy because I know the needle will hur it a jiggle, which I have done on acident. Plus it is not easy for me to push down the plunger when my hands hurt. I have one hand holding the needle still while other is pushing the plunger.

I should have seen my Doctor in Janurary, but I had to cancel due to schedule change and she wasn’t availalbe on my day off. I schedule the next apointment for Feburary 25th, but she cancelled on me. Her next work in date is March 11th. I wasn’t availalbe but work it out with my co-worker to get that day off.

I’m not sure how my numbers are doing but I’m not at all happy right now. Orencia is very expensive over $2000 a month. Thankfully I have 90/10 insurance, but Orencia also offers a co-pay assistance program. With that program I only pay $5 a month. I’m still having lots of little flare ups. My joints will ach and over the counter medicines don’t seem to help. I still don’t like doing the self injections especially every week.

I finally did get Tramadol, a prescribtion for pain. I’m also a light weight for these kind of meds and have to cut them in half to function. Orencia has goten some really good reviews and many people I have talk to love it, but for me I just don’t think it is working enough. I guess I won’t know for sure until I see the doctor again.

Overall I would still reccommend someone living with Rheumatoid Arthrits to try Orencia. There has been many good reviews. For me, I’m pretty sure its going to be back to the drawing board. I think Rituxian would just as good and it an infusion twice every six months. Unless there is something else to try.