Organic Marketplace – The Heritage Has Become Our Future

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Organic products are gaining more and more popularity because we are beginning to realize just how dangerous food is becoming by the current way it is being produced and processed. Companies and farmers are so focused on their bottom line that they don’t consider what the effects their procedures are having on the food and ultimately on the people who consume it. They also don’t consider the impact on the environment and the long reaching impact of the current way food is being produced and processed.

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Organic Supermarket

As a society, our health is being negatively impacted by pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, and other chemicals being used on our food. One solution that will help to become healthier individuals is to use as many organic products in our daily living as possible. This will also positively affect the environment in many beneficial ways. It is important to know exactly what it means to be organic. The internet is a great way of obtaining the information needed to protect ourselves and our families. We are searching for places that are putting a person’s health first by selling organic products. My Healthy Market is an organic marketplace that can be found at It is a fantastic company that provides everything necessary to protect your family and your household. They even have products for your pet! They sell a wide range of products that are 100% organic so all you have to do is choose from the hundreds of products available and you will have the confidence you are doing what is best for your family.

What does organic mean?

Organic is the process used to grow and process agricultural products. In order for something to be classified as organic it must meet certain requirements.

–   Product must be grown in safe soil

–   The farmers can’t use any petroleum or sewage based fertilizer, synthetic pesticides or GMO’s (genetically modified organisms)

–   Organic livestock must have access to the outdoors and be given plant-based feed. They also cannot be given any antibiotics, growth hormones, or any animal by-products

Benefits of Organically Grown Food

There are many benefits to organically grown food:

–   Allergies will lessen or disappear because many food allergies are caused by the unnatural ingredients in processed and non-organic food. Often times the preservatives are the cause of the allergies. Eating whole, organic foods will lessen the suffering for millions of people.

–   Many more nutrients are in organic food – They can contain anywhere from 15-50% more antioxidants. The majority of vitamins that are important for our body to run efficiently are more prevalent. Processing of non-organic foods cause many of the nutrients to be lost.

–   Beef and Dairy cows are only grass fed – They are not given antibiotics, growth hormones or animal by-products which can all be transferred to humans and cause a host of health problems

–   The environment can benefit greatly. Both air and water pollution is decreased. There will be a reduction in soil erosion and an increase in soil fertility will occur. Less energy is used when everything is grown organically.

Organic Marketplace – The Heritage Has Become Our Future, SeekytImage by Joseph Morris

What is wrong with non-organic food?

Dairy and meat have are two of the items that have become less nutritious and downright dangerous in some cases. The main reason for this is the way beef and dairy cows are raised. Cows began to be fed corn instead of lush green grass. Farmers no longer needed so much land and the cows grew much quicker. They were put into feedlots which are warehouses that pack in the cows so they have no room to move. They live in their own waste. They are fed growth hormones to make them mature quicker. They must be treated with antibiotics constantly because of the bacteria in their waste. Profits soared because cows were ready for slaughter in 14 months instead of 4-5 years. These profits didn’t come without a price. Corn-fed beef actually tastes better because of a higher fat content, but so much has been sacrificed.

–   20% less Omega 3 fat

–   ½ CLA is in corn fed cows which is a proven anti-carcinogenic nutrient

–   Less of all Vitamins E, Potassium, Iron, and Zinc

Health problems are now being associated with this new way of raising our beef and dairy cows.

–   Woman and men are both seeing higher incidences of hormonal imbalances

–   Because of antibiotics being constantly being fed to cattle, strains of bacteria are becoming resistant to antibiotics and turning into “super bacteria”. These antibiotic resistant bacteria are being transferred to humans which can have serious consequences in the future

–   Higher incidences of cancers of all types because we are getting much less CLA

Non-organic vegetables and produce are treated with high levels of pesticides. The insects exposed to these pesticides are mutating for survival to withstand the chemicals and are developing into “super bugs” just like the bacteria. These insects can cause serious problems because they can’t be killed and could cause food shortages. Also these pesticides are being ingested by humans and causing illness. Some studies have linked them to cancer.

Preservatives are another problem with non-organic produce and vegetables. These foods are lasting longer because of the preservatives but as the “fresh” produce ages, it loses its nutrients so by the time consumers eat the food there may not be many nutrients left.

Information is king

With the help of the internet we are becoming more and more educated about the dangers of choosing profits over our health. We are also learning how organic foods can be the answer to many of our health problems. The more we arm ourselves with knowledge, the better we can protect our family and our environment. Organic Marketplaces are becoming extremely popular because you can get everything you need in one location. Most of the people who are employed there are extremely knowledgeable and are more than willing to help spread the news. Of course, most organic foods are more expensive to purchase but what price can you really put on your health. How much money is being spent on health care to cure illnesses caused by non-organic food? Many people in the world have decided that going back to their roots is the best solution to make themselves and their families healthier and happier.

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Organic Marketplace – The Heritage Has Become Our Future, Seekyt
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