Organic spirulina, raw cashews and raw cacao round out the perfect raw food diet

Spirulina is packed with nutrients from marine algae and omega fatty acids. The acids in the organic spirulina powder boost the immune system, aid the digestive system, improve skin tone and texture and help a person maintain lasting energy. It can be added to smoothies, soups, and salads.

Building a strong body

A kilo of organic spirulina is said to equal the power of 1,000 vegetables. If this is true, organic spirulina is an incredible nutrient superfood. But, raw food eaters shouldn’t depend on spirulina alone. Raw cashews and also raw cacao have untapped potential.

Vietnamese raw cashews combined with organic spirulina offers nutruience to give a person vibrant skin, optimal brain function, healthy digestion and also increase good cardiovascular health. This is because these raw cashews contain high amounts of magnesium, zinc and oleic acid. These cashews can be used in creamy, savory sauce recipes or as an addition to dessert.

Not ordinary raw cashews

Vietnamese raw cashews are cracked a lower temperatures to preserve nutrients in the nuts. They also have a different taste than the traditional “American” raw cashew. Raw nuts mean raw diet eaters can avoid getting high blood pressure from eating canned, salted nuts and receive the added benefits healthy eating affords.

Bring in raw cacao

Some raw food dieters may not realize cacao can taste different depending upon where it is produced. An Indian cacao, for instance, includes chocolaty, grassy hints fused with fruity hints of vanilla, nutmeg, banana and clove. These undertones may be quite different from an organically grown raw cacao in Madagascar, for example.

When using raw cacao to make chocolates, cakes, and other foods (such as smoothies), choose a raw cacao that can be certified as a superfood and has a verifiable ORAC score of more than 87,000 per 100 grams of fat.This means the raw cacao is a good source of energy and can provide much needed minerals to sustain any healthy body. Two questions remain: Does this really work and how do you know without trying this raw food for yourself?