Organizational Vision Alignment Memo

Levi’s Jeans has to conform to keep their commitments for the products and services to the clients with new strategic vision and mission. In the global market Levi’s want to persist as a vastly known clothing line. Team A will start visualizing, how supply chain supports the organizations vision, mission and values followed by the relationship between strategies of supply chain and other functional strategies in the organization. Then the organizations vision, mission & value will be described followed by performing a SWOTT analysis. The executive plan and the impact of the implemented plan will also be discussed by Team A since it relates to the product or service, functional areas and goals of the supply chain.

Levi’s has taken necessary action to ensure that the largest percent of their raw material is being produced and handled in such ways which protect human rights, environment and also ensures the sustainability to support the adherence with Levi’s values and vision regarding empathy, originality and courage. The raw materials used at Levi’s is sourced from cotton on Ninety-five percent cases & the rest comes from other sources e.g animals by making sure that the health and treatment of any animals used is protected. Levi’s realizes that the production of cotton is very labor intensive and the crop itself requires water and pesticides while Levi’s is concerned about sustainability. Levi’s is perpetrated to work with other large consumers of cotton while supporting the use of less water and pesticides consumable cotton crops. To form a better cotton initiative which will help regulate global cotton production, they have teamed up with other major textile brands and retailers. Levi’s will not buy raw materials from the manufacturers using forced child labor.

The use of mixed rail and truck for domestic freight sources while distribution is included as other functional strategy in supply chain which reduces the fuel consumption as well as the green house emissions. Levi’s has find ways of using alternative freight sources rather than air by partnering with international transportation service and have also consolidated shipping wherever possible. These supply chain strategies are reflecting the vision and values as well as reduces costs and free up cash flow.