Organize My Closet

Organize My Closet

If everything you open you closet you scream, “Organize my closet,” then what are you waiting for. But before you run off and start tearing into your closet, here are some helpful closet ideas to help you get the job done… and not feel overwhelmed.

3 Steps to an Organized Closet

Before you attach the first rail to the wall, heck, before you even buy the closet organizer, there are a few things to be done first. No, not an mantra of “organize my closet, organize my closet.” No, what I’m talking about giving some thought to what kind of organization you need. It’s one thing to decide to install a new closet organizer, but to get the best bang for your buck – and time – you need to know what you really need. These are important first steps so don’t ignore them or hurry through them too fast.

1. Remove everything from your closet. You’re going to have to do that anyway, but in these steps, you also need to take a serious look at what’s been hiding inside. There are probably plenty of clothes, but what else is lurking in there? Moreover, do you want to keep it there? That’s the question you need to ask yourself. Sure storage is tight, but do you absolutely need to store your ski boots there? If storage is tight and the answer is “yes,” then you’ll have to consider those as you consider the type of size of closet organizer.

2. Get rid of what you don’t wear. For some people, this will be easy, but for other it’s a hard, hard decision. Certainly, there are some pieces you may want to keep for sentimental reasons, but be honest, isn’t that how your closet got into this condition? The professional organizers’ rule of thumb is if a piece of clothing hasn’t been work in the last year… get rid of it. Donate it to a worthy cause or sell it at a yard sale (sooner than later, no need to keep storing these discards for a “someday yard sale.”)

3. Categorize what’s in your closet by type of clothing – shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, etc. You can even go further by sorting the clothes by color, style, and season and even if they’re work clothes or weekend casual.

Making Smart Closet Organizing DecisionsOrganize My Closet

Now that you know what you have to keep, you can plan how to configure and organize your closet. Do you have lots of shoes? Then you surely need some serious storage for all of them. Maybe sweaters hold a sweet spot in your wardrobe. Then you’ll need to have lots of shelving or cubby space to fold them up and see them at a glance. It’s some work to get to this point, but you really need this information to start figuring how the best closet organizing configuration.

In addition, with an empty closet you can start taking measurements and looking at what’s available in closet organizers. Many of the do it yourself closet organizers available are adjustable so you can arrange and rearrange the elements to meet your needs. With a tape measure, paper and pencil, you’ll be able to be your own closet designer and no longer have a need to scream, “organize my closet.”