Orphan and Dead-End Pages Project Launched

Dear fellow writers, this is the Orphan & Dead-End Pages Project page. This project is an ongoing project to help Seekyt members decrease or eliminate the number of their individual orphaned articles and dead-end pages. In a nutshell… Basically, orphaned articles are articles with just a few or no incoming links from other Seekyt articles. Therefore, these articles have no “link juice” in them, which makes the articles less relevant for searches. Dead-end pages have no links pointing to other pages on Seekyt which makes them a perfect place to increase your bounce rate, which isn’t what you want. On the contrary, you want visitors to follow links to your other pages instead of just bouncing off. These kinds of pages will likely appear in your article base if you write about different topics, especially if you wrote less than 3-5 articles on the same topic. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * How Can You Participate in The Orphan & Dead-End Pages Project? Methaforically speaking, this journal is a great place to adopt orphaned articles and give your orphaned articles for adoption! Also, it’s a great place to find potential links to articles on the topics you wrote about on your dead-end pages! Steps: #1: Identify your orphaned articles and include the links to them in the comments below. #2: Identify your dead-end pages and include the links to them in the comments below. #3: Visit this journal page often to see whether there are links to other articles on the same topic you could use to de-orphan your articles or bring your dead-end pages to life! * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Please, be sure to read this article: Internal Link Building Applied to Orphan and Dead-End Pages You’ll learn more about the topic, orphaned articles and dead-end pages, bounce rate, and this project there. Another useful tip: Check the articles on the topics including the same tags you’ve included in your articles while in the process of submitting them. This is done by clicking the tag link under your article and each of the tag links displayed after the click. You may find articles you could link to there. Don’t forget about the referral program because Seekyt offers one of the best referral programs on the Web. If you still don’t know how to use it, please visit this article: The Referral Program On Seekyt The referral program is there to increase the number of Seekyt members (that’s why Seekyt gives you 25% of revenue share based on this program) and to increase your total Google AdSense and Amazon earnings! * * * If you’d like to include cickable links in your comments, use this article for reference: Embedding Links in Comments and Journal Posts If you feel overwhelmed with HTML needed to include clickable links, you can always just copy-paste the link to your articles from your browser and include them in comments that way. * * * P.S. The Project is meant for Seekyt articles only. Help yourself and each other out! Good luck!