Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius, Do you know him?

Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius, th? first amputee athlete t? ??m??t? ?n th? Ol?m????, was born ?n N?v?mb?r 22, 1986, ?n Johannesburg, South Afr???. The son of H?nk ?nd Sh??l? Pistorius, Oscar P??t?r?u? was th? middle child ?f three. His f?m?l?, wh?l? ?r?m?n?nt ?n S?uth Africa, w?r? l?rg?l? m?ddl? ?l???.

P??t?r?u?’ ?h?ldh??d w?? shaped partly by tr?g?d?. His parents d?v?r??d when he was 6, a f??t th?t l?rg?l? ??ntr?but?d t? a strained r?l?t??n?h?? between Oscar ?nd his father, a businessman, that ??nt?nu?? t? this d??. H?? m?th?r d??d wh?n he was 15, the r??ult ?f drug complications f?ll?w?ng a h??t?r??t?m?. P??t?r?u?’ own ?h?????l h??lth was m?rr?d ?t b?rth. B?rn without a fibula ?n ??th?r of h?? l?g?, h?? parents m?d? the d?ff??ult decision t? h?v? their ??n’? legs ?m?ut?t?d b?l?w his kn??? ju?t b?f?r? h?? first b?rthd??.

W?th?n ??x m?nth?, P??t?r?u? w?? walking ?u?????full? w?th a pair ?f ?r??th?t?? l?g?. H?? handicap h?rdl? ?l?w?d h?? large ?nt?r??t ?n ???rt?, which ???nn?d fr?m ?r??k?t t? wr??tl?ng t? boxing.

It w??n’t until he was 16, and ?n need ?f a sport th?t ??uld h?l? h?m rehab a kn?? following a rugb? ?njur?, that P??t?r?u? was ?ntr?du??d to the tr??k. H?? rise in th? sport ??m? ?u??kl?. In January 2004, he competed in h?? f?r?t 100-meter race; n??rl? ??ght m?nth? l?t?r, P??t?r?u?, wearing a pair ?f Flex-Foot Ch??t?h?, a l?ght-w??ght ??rb?n fiber f??t, ?nd ???tur?d th? g?ld m?d?l ?n th? 200-m?t?r race ?t the 2004 Athens P?r?l?m????.

Ol?m??? Milestone

F?ll?w?ng h?? w?n in Ath?n?, P??t?r?u? ??m??t?d in several r???? ?n South Afr??? ?g??n?t ?bl?-b?d??d athletes. Su????? b?g?t gr??t?r ?tt?nt??n, ?nd Eur????n r??? organizers were ???n ?nv?t?ng P??t?r?u? t? th??r events.

But P??t?r?u?’ ?rt?f????l l?g? h?v? b??n a ??ur?? ?f controversy throughout mu?h ?f h?? athletic ??r??r. In 2007, the Int?rn?t??n?l A??????t??n ?f Athl?t?? F?und?t??n?—th? w?rldw?d? b?d? th?t g?v?rn? international competition—banned P??t?r?u? fr?m competing, ?t?t?ng th?t h?? artificial legs g?v? him an unf??r advantage over ?bl?-b?d??d ?thl?t?? ?n th? competition. Pistorius ?mm?d??t?l? ?????l?d the ruling ?nd ?n M?? 2008, the Court ?f Arb?tr?t??n f?r sport sided w?th th? ??r?nt?r ?nd overturned th? I.A.A.F. ruling.

After missing the ?ut for th? 2008 Summer Ol?m???? ?n B??j?ng, a d?t?rm?n?d Pistorius f??u??d h?? tr??n?ng ?n making th? 2012 Summ?r Olympic G?m?? ?n London.

Later events in his life turned tragic and he was arrested and charged with the murder of his fiance. The case is about ready for trial and we shall see what his sentence is, since he did admit it was an accident and he did not mean to shoot her. Only two people know what happened on the night of the shooting, one is not here to tell their side of the story. May her family be spared a long and painful trial and may the truth that they hear set them free in the way to be able to move on and love and mourn the loss of their daughter.