Outboard Motor Clearance Sale

An outboard motor clearance sale is probably the best time to buy and power your boat for fishing or watersports. In either event, you’ll find great deals on model yearend closeouts and find great promotions, discounts, rebates, and other enhancers to make the purchase great. In this article, I’ll go over when you should buy, how to spot the best gimmicks during the outboard motor clearance sales. I’ll mention some tactics you might not have considered when you purchase these as well. Let’s get started.

When to Buy

For the most part, all the manufacturers run their biggest sales near the end of the summer. This means that in late July, you should start seeing some advertisements for cheap deals on power options for boating. Keep your eyes open during this timeframe and you’ll be more likely to get the best deal possible at deep discounts, whether you’re looking for larger ones, like a 90 horsepower or more, or smaller ones, like a 5 hp.

Where to Buy

In general, your best bet is to buy at dealer shops or repair shops and just about any other authorized dealer. They generally are all required to take part in the discount event, so you’ll most likely get a similar price at all the dealers.

Of course, there are some places and reasons to buy online. You can buy Mercury, Coleman, or Briggs and Stratton at Amazon pretty cheap. Most are 15 horsepower or less. You’ll find that even with shipping charges, you’ll often pay less when you buy outboard motors from Amazon or other sites. In addition, the timeframes for getting discounts are often different, giving you more time to save money.

Typical Promotions

Mercury, Johnson/Evinrude, Sears/Coleman, Tohatsu, and many other brands and manufacturers all run various types of clearance sales at the end of the season. Listed below are some of the methods and gimmicks they use to get you to buy.

Rebates: Often these are done on a specific dollar amount for each horsepower you buy. It’s normally a multiplier. So, if the rebate is $10 per horse, you’d get $100 in rebate for a 10 horsepower engine. Sometimes, the rebates are done on a scale process as well. For example, 2 horse to 5hp might get you a specific dollar amount, with various stepping scales for size.

Extended Warranties: This is common with OEM and some others. They offer something many new outboard motor buyers want – extended warranties. These are generally given at no additional charge for new purchases.

Deep Discounts: Sometimes a percentage is taken off during outboard motor clearance sales and sometimes it’s a specific dollar amount for each model. It’s a super effective and simple way to run a big discount event.

As you can see, it’s very possible to save a ton of money when you shop outboard motor clearance sales for the best deals on the water.