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Tips for Choosing Outdoor Ceiling Fans


Open air fans are helpful in a gazebo, deck, or patio when you’re in hot, stagnant summer air. They cool you down so that you can extend the amount of time you wish to spend outdoors. The styles for outdoor ceiling fans range from traditional to industrial to contemporary. Large outdoor fans can be used in large patios and open spaces while fans with a small blade span can be used in patios and outdoor nooks. You may even wish to have a ceiling fan with a light when you’re outdoors in a dark patio if you don’t already have an outdoor light fixture installed. Choose from a variety of outdoor ceiling fans, whether you choose something understated and functional or flashy.

Outdoor Ceiling Fans, How they Stack Up to Ratings

Make sure you choose a fan with the correct rating to be used outdoors. For example, any fan with a dry rating means it can’t be used outdoors. If this fan is exposed to moisture and outdoor elements, then the fan blades will be destroyed. A damp-rated fan means it can handle covered outdoor areas. It can take moisture from outdoor air but can’t have direct contact with rain, water, snow or other liquids. A damp-rated fan is usually made of materials that prevent rust and corrosion. A wet-rated fan is weather resistant and is meant for all-weather use. It has a motor casing and blades that are resistant to water and weather, so it can handle snow, rain, ice, and water. The wet-rated fan also has a finish that prevents corrosion and rust.

Tips for Choosing Outdoor Ceiling Fans

What If I Live Near a Beach?

For the best results if you live near a beach, choose an outdoor ceiling fan that can handle salt air. The fan should be made of either marine grade stainless steel or cast poly resin. They can handle harsh exterior conditions and salt air exposure. The blades will not rust. They are connected directly to the fan body, which reduces the chances of pot metal blade holder breaking off during high winds. With a larger blade span and a powerful motor, you can stay cool and even ward off bugs. You can use this type of fan even if you live in a windy climate. The cast poly resin version is a more rugged and durable fan that can be used in covered or uncovered areas. You should check the wind speed factor and the airflow of the fan to determine how much breeze you want.

Outdoor ceiling fans should provide you with the coolest breeze so that you can be comfortable outdoors, even when the air is salty and standing. Buy the best quality you can afford and consider the efficiency level and the airflow, not to mention the wind speed factor. The overall quality rating is a factor on the fan since it lets you know how well the fan will run. The higher the rating, the smoother and quieter the fan will run, the longer the DC motor will operate before burning out and the higher the likelihood of the fan’s longevity. Picking the right size fan for the space will ensure that energy is being used efficiently. If you have an outdoor ceiling fan with lights, decide whether to use standard or energy efficient bulbs.

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Tips for Choosing Outdoor Ceiling Fans
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