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Outdoor Curtains for Privacy

It’s hard to relax and enjoy the benefits of your outdoor living space when you’re sandwiched between closely built houses or an adjoining apartment or townhome, but an inexpensive solution is to invest in some outdoor curtains for privacy.

Where to Buy Outdoor Curtains and Drapery Fabrics

Whether you decide to make your own outdoor draperies or purchase them readymade, keep in mind that you will be looking for a different type of fabric than is used for indoor curtains. Curtains used for outdoor living spaces need to be made from textiles that are specially designed to be fade, mold and sun resistant – such as Sunbrella fabrics.


The Sunbrella name is well-known in the awning industry for providing durable fabrics guaranteed to withstand harsh weather, and their drapery fabrics are made with the same attention and detail to quality.

Their fabrics are produced in a sustainable fashion, which makes them an idea choice for the eco-conscious consumer, and with over 50 years of experience in the industry, you can feel comfortable trusting your outdoor decor needs to them. Use their handy store locator to find the location nearest to you.


You can shop at a Lowes brick-and-mortar store if you are the type who likes to see and touch the fabrics when you are purchasing draperies, or shop online. They offer panels and sheers in what their website describes as “weather friendly” fabrics, and price points run around $17 on the low side to under $50 on the high side.

Outdoor Curtains Only

Outdoor Curtains Only offers lots of value-added reasons for consumers to shop with them for their outdoor drapery needs. Their Live Customer Support service is available weekdays during regular business hours to help you make those hard decisions like which fabric is best for my needs, what style do I want, or what accessory items do I need to go with my curtains.

They offer same day shipping on qualifying orders and back your purchase with a money back guaranty and a generous 60 day return policy on new, unused items. Best of all, you can pay for your purchase with most major credit cards or use Google Wallet.


Shopping at Amazon is like shopping at a gigantic virtual mall because you have access to so many merchants under the Amazon umbrella. It’s easy to compare prices and features, and you can quickly tailor your search for outdoor curtains by lots of different filters: best sellers, brands, average customer review and much more. They feature a hassle free return policy and a wide assortment of payment options to suit any budget.

Benefits of Outdoor Curtains

While you could always have a deck, sunroom or gazebo erected to provide you with an intimate getaway or give you a feeling of seclusion, these types of home improvements are costly and do not usually add enough value to your home for you to recoup your investment.

Outdoor Curtains for Privacy

In the time it would take to locate a builder, browse floor plans and make your choice, pay a hefty down payment to start the building process, and then wait for the construction to be completed, you could have made or purchased a set of outdoor curtains, hung them up, and started enjoying them.

In addition to providing welcome shade on a hot, sunny day, outdoor curtains protect people and outdoor furnishings from sun damage. They are relatively inexpensive, and easy to install. Because they are cheap, you can change them out with the seasons and keep your outdoor living space looking fresh and up-to-date. Best of all, they give you instant gratification because you don’t have to wait for them to be built like a deck, patio or other outdoor structure.

Fabric for making outdoor curtains

Need Some Solitude?

Outdoor curtains are just one of the ways to add privacy to a deck, patio or other outdoor living space. You can also use privacy screens or large baskets of hanging plants to enclose a space and create a feeling of isolation from the outdoor world.

Caring for Your Outdoor Curtains

Read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on your outdoor curtains for best results. However, as a general rule of thumb, most outdoor draperies should be air-dried to prevent shrinking and washed in cool or cold water with a mild detergent. It’s best to avoid using bleach or other harsh cleansers on these fabrics unless the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions specifically state that they are safe for use.

Outdoor curtain fabric images by roger_mommaerts under CC-BY-SA 2.0 via Flickr

Outdoor drapes image by roger_mommaerts under CC-BY-SA 2.0 via Flickr

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