News Outdoor Decorations for Summer That Softly Light Up Your...

Outdoor Decorations for Summer That Softly Light Up Your Oasis


As I tried to decorate my back deck last summer I came across some really cool ways to simply brighten up your deck rail planter boxes or other planters.

These are glow in the dark globes, that are not solar (there is no solar panel) and you don’t need to put batteries in them, they simply start to glow when dusk arrives. You can use these inside as well as outside, but I personally thought they really added a beautiful aura to the flowers in my planter boxes I had on the rail of my deck.

It gave a soft blue aura which I found to be very relaxing. You can get different colours, but there is something about this blue aura that I really liked and it did not attract bugs.

Just an Added Touch of Glow to Your Oasis

If you are trying to create your very own relaxing oasis this year in your back yard or space, then adding flowers and potted plants makes it beautiful and relaxing by day. If you want to take it to the next level, think about adding outdoor decorations for summer this year for night. It can be pieces of concrete art, or bird baths or old antique gardening equipment but there is something very special about a garden decoration that also comes to life once the sun goes down.

Outdoor Decorations for Summer That Softly Light Up Your OasisOutdoor Decorations for Summer

You can get solar globes as well that look great in your garden, but you do have to have the solar panel exposed to absorb the sun, but these stakes I just stuck in the soil of my planter boxes and it simply glowed. Plus they are a nice shape that looks good even during the day.

Outdoor lights have come a long way, you don’t have to have those extension cords running around your property or the expensive underground wiring installations, you can simply purchase solar lights or glow in the dark lights such as these.

Luminescent Crystals Trigger the Glow in the Dark

These crystals are inside the globe and absorb light during the day then give off a soft glow for 4 hours at night and you see them gradually glowing as the day turns to dusk and then night. If you have enough of them around you can cast a very romantic glow in your oasis!

You can get many different shapes and sizes in these glass balls with luminescent crystals but I personally love this one that reminds me of Saturn and the solar system especially when it glows. I placed mine amongst the flowers and it looks great by day as an accessory and adds some interest to the planters during the day as the sun shines on the glass.

Finding outdoor decorations for summer can be as simple as the popular knome in the middle of the lawn to the well placed solar lights or glowing globes in the flower beds and gardens themselves to bring the space to life so that you can enjoy every minute of those warm summer nights.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a decorative yard. If you really just don’t know where to start, then start with glowing glass stakes such as the one pictured or find solar pieces that are interesting by day as well as night and before you know it, your yard will become your perfect oasis.

You can even take it one step further with patio umbrella lights and add some ambiance to your space, or create privacy with some outdoor privacy screens and wall yourself off from neighbours. Using deck rail planter boxes is a great way to decorate your outdoor space this summer and the perfect spot for glow in the dark glass globes which are my favourite. So have some fun shopping for outdoor decorations for summer this year and enjoy!

Outdoor Decorations for Summer That Softly Light Up Your Oasis
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