Outdoor Privacy Screens for Decks – Create Your Own Affordable Oasis Fast

As I researched a way to not scare the neighbourhood with my morning pajamas, coffee and bare feet on my front deck, I came across outdoor privacy screens for decks that I thought looked really cool.

These are not actually screens but a beautiful looking fabric that attaches to your railings on your porch or deck to give you that instant feeling of privacy. Depending on how tall your railing is, this could hide a fair bit of your body or activities on the porch or deck.

If you like to suntan for instance with very little on, you can without worry of scaring anyone or putting yourself on display. They look nice and actually add to the decor outdoors. These would also work great for a pool area if you prefer to have privacy while you swim.

This product is created from waterproof polyethylene mesh and still allows a breeze to come through so you are not stifling in your little oasis with the heat or lack of breeze. There are metal grommets and they come with tie down ropes. You get 15 feet of this curtain and it installs very quickly.

Outdoor Privacy Screens for Decks

I also thought of a few great ideas for this privacy screen. If your deck railings are ugly or in need of repair but you don’t have the budget for that right now, you can simply hide them by installing this waterproof outdoor curtain. They are 34 inches high and have a “beach like” look in soft muted tones.

There are many ways now to create that oasis you crave without major construction. As I researched ideas for my own yard I came across many more that will work quickly and give your garden or deck a boost. Such as tall stand alone privacy screens to create an instant patio area or to wall off an area from the neighbours or to hide nasty parts of your yard.

Even if all you have is a small balcony or porch or area you would like to use but it just is not very inviting right now, you can find products that can be added quickly and are portable that will instantly turn that space into another room to relax in for the season without breaking the bank account. You can get outdoor floor tiles that quickly snap together to cover a bad concrete porch or ugly deck and then you could drape this railing privacy screen and add a few potted plants and you are set.

The best way to create your space is to head out there right now and make a list of the things that make your space not so nice, then check online for ways to hide or disguise the bad bits. Whether it is teak floor tiles, that will sit on top of your present floor or some stand alone privacy screens or replacement cushions for your chairs. Make a list of what bothers you the most and then head online and you will be amazed at what is available to help make your outdoor oasis yours without construction and mess.

The best part, is that you can get the products online and they are totally portable, which is great if you rent the space. So, if you have a not so nice looking porch, balcony, back deck or patio then check out the privacy screen ideas and also flooring and lighting ideas for your space and it can be turned into an instant oasis for you.