Outdoor Recreation: Using Sunlight to Power Your Devices

Not long ago, hikers, hunters and fisherman had no choice but to carry bags of spare batteries with them. This not only made outdoor recreation inconvenient; it made it especially expensive. Nowadays, more outdoor enthusiasts are tapping sunlight for endless energy to power their radios, flashlights, GPS and other devices that demand electricity to work. If you love nature but hate having to spend money on batteries, learn how solar energy is making outdoor recreation more convenient and a lot less expensive.

Portable solar chargers

When you picture portable solar charging devices, you may think of clumsy, inconvenient pieces of equipment; however, nowadays, solar energy can be harnessed much easier. Foldable solar charging packs let thrill-seekers recharge their equipment with ease. Unlike the bulky, heavy solar chargers of old, these modern devices are light-weight and flexible. Since they collapse into portable, convenient travel pads, these chargers can be easily stowed in bag packs and small travel carriers. Additionally, because they are so flexible and durable, you won’t have to worry about accidentally breaking one when you’re in the midst of a rugged outdoor journey; and their light weight helps prevent fatigue associated with hauling too much gear.

Portable devices

Not long ago, people went outdoors to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life; however, these days, most people don’t like to be without their smartphones, tablets and laptops for even a little while. With the help of Goal Zero charging kits, hikers, hunters, climbers and fisherman can bring their smart devices with them. Powerful, collapsible and relatively light-weight, these kits are able to recharge iPhones, Android tablets, iPads and laptops. Additionally, Goal Zero charging kits are made to be intuitive, which means you will never have to worry about having to pour over countless pages of confusing instructions, when you are supposed to be having a good time.

Things to Consider

Although Goal Zero chargers are able to repower virtually any type of portable device, some varieties work better in certain situations. Before you buy a solar charger, think about what you will need. For instance, smaller, cheaper chargers may work fine for smartphones and things like flashlights; however, they can take a long time to charge larger devices. If you need to power things like night-vision goggles, laptops or tablets, be sure to buy a Goal Zero charger with enough juice to get things running in a timely manner.