Outdoor Wood Furnace Heats Home Under $2500 Dollars

Outdoor wood furnaces are a relatively new way to heat your home, garage, and another small building or swimming pool from an enclosed wood fire outside your home. Imagine enjoying the warmth of a fireplace in your home without all of the mess. Heating a home with a wood fire from outside your house may seem like a strange idea but outdoor wood heaters are catching on around the country. Depending on the manufacturer, these furnaces can can be bought for for under 2,500 dollars. Some models cost as much as much as 8,000 dollars. You can see units like this online at Notherntool.com.

Burning Down the House

I remember one day when a neighbor was knocking on my front door and yelling something that I couldn’t understand. I opened the door to see my neighbor with a panicked look on his face. His wife was standing in the yard behind him and she looked horrified about something. When I got my friend to calm down he told me that he had started a fire in his fireplace but smoke was coming from the fireplace and filling up their house.

When I went through their front door smoke was everywhere. I made my way to the fireplace and used one of the tools to open the flue in the chimney so smoke could go up the chimney. How many times has something like that happened and property was damaged and even worse lives were lost. We laughed about my friend not knowing to open the flue but a fire in that chimney could have been a disaster. So you can see how this wouldn’t happen with an outdoor wood heater because the fire box and chimney are outside.

Affordable and Flexible

Outdoor wood heaters from manufacturers like US Stove, Woodland Direct, & Central Boiler are very affordable and they can be used in places that might surprise you. Many of these heater units cost under $8,000. Their shapes and sizes vary from manufacturer to manufacturer but the typical heater is about the size of a small closet. Due to their small size, they fit in many different communities. The fact that they work on different types of heating systems makes them an option for many homeowners.

How Outdoor Wood Heaters Work

Also known as wood furnaces, wood heaters work by heating water that’s forced through piping to a heating coil that’s attached to the top of an existing heating systems heat pump. When the systems thermostat calls for heat, air gets drawn across the heating coil and the heated air warms the home and as many as two other smaller buildings.

Inside the Firebox

Follow all manufacturers instructions when operating an outdoor wood heater but here’s the basics of what happens outside in the heater unit. The heater unit has a firebox inside where firewood is burned. The firebox is surrounded by a water jacket inside the unit. When a fire is started it heats water in the water jacket that’s pumped through the system. Obviously, wood has to be added as the previous load burns down. The rate of burn depends on the type and amount of wood, the heater model and the working condition of the unit. Some manufacturers claim close to 100 per cent efficiency.

Benefits of Outdoor Water Heaters

  • Reduces heating bills
  • Gets the mess of wood and ashes out of the house
  • Wood is cheaper than other fossil fuels
  • Close to 100 per cent efficient
  • No need for a fireplace and chimney
  • Wood is a renewable source of energy
  • Minimal impact on the environment
  • Works with existing heating systems
  • Existing heating systems serve as back up heat
  • External lighting
  • Manufacturers Warranty
  • Rebates
  • Tax Credits for some models
  • External temperature gauges

Stop Burning Money! Start Burning Wood!

Disadvantages of Outdoor Wood Heaters

  • Local codes may not allow outdoor wood furnaces
  • Homeowners associations may not allow outdoor wood furnaces
  • You have to go outside to load wood
  • Service may not be available quickly
  • You may need specially trained service technicians
  • WoodMaster Wood Furnace Website

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  • Central Boiler E-Classic Series Outdoor Wood furnaces

Central Boiler Videos and Brochure

Payment Options

You can buy outdoor water heaters for under $8,000.00 but prices vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some manufacturers offer financing and lease plans. By financing a wood furnace, you may be able to make your payments with the money your wood furnace saves you on heating bills.