Outstanding ideas for Green Screen Classroom Projects

Green Screen Dubai
Green screen is simply a green background on which you can project real-time images and videos such as oceans, mountains, Eifel Tower, skyline or any other. Green screens are mostly used in photography and video projects that can be corporate or pure entertainment. You can incorporate these into some brilliant classroom projects where students can learn about photography and video production.

Tutorial for beginners
Students must be provided in-depth knowledge and work mechanism over green screen techniques prior usage. Tutorials and one-on-one training sessions may be organised to accomplish this while comprise lighting setup and application of chroma key colour transition. Also included in the tutorial is video editing and how to superimpose them along with proactive software solutions. This provides awareness to students on how to deal with relevant tools and come-up with a splendid photo or video of their own.

For photography
A specific area for photography including green screen and lighting equipment must be determined where students can experiment with photography. Make sure there aren’t any shadows in the background while testing should be over a specific object or person. When that’s done, load the images into computer, edit and crop them using various software, adjust the photos and load a different background. Students can even create a mural from green screen photos or manage a professional portfolio.

For weather reporting
Using green screen in meteorology to forecast weather reports is most common. Students using the concept can make their own weather reports as a final year project or for specific school events. To make the video more interesting, students may put themselves in eye of the storm like under a super-cell, near tornado, earthquake or any other natural disaster!

Website banners & corporate presentations
Creating interesting web ads for blog pages or corporate presentation using green screen is an emerging trend. Not only it’s time saving but a lucrative solution to get things done without delay. Most digital marketing agencies around the world already devoted a corner to green screen studio and same goes for school where students can make outstanding projects. Banner should be approved by teacher or IT department to ensure plagiarism-free content.

Green screen photography and videos are excellent for storytelling. You can brainstorm, map the story, write and analyse the entire thing for perfection. Such activities improve analytical thinking and communication skills within individuals’ especially young students.

These are a few exceptional ideas for school projects harnessing green screen technology that guarantees an “A+”.