Ovarian Cancer: Symptoms You Should Know About

There isn’t any rhyme or reason on how or why women develop Ovarian Cancer. What we do know is, due to certain risk factors the probability of getting Ovarian Cancer is high. How do you know you are at risk? There are a few things that place you at a higher risk than others.

The odds of a woman who is over the age of 55 and going through HRT (Hormonal Replacement Therapy);without the combination of progesterone and estrogen for more than 10 years are more at risk of getting Ovarian Cancer.

Women who have never conceived have a greater chance of contracting the disease or if your family has a history of Cancer. Having a mother, grandmother, sister, aunt whose had any type of cancers you are also more apt to develop Ovarian Cancer.

So what are the symptoms if you are already aware of the factors of Ovarian Cancer?

Early detection can lead to a better prognosis. Some of the symptoms are also warning signs for other health issues. Visit a gynecologist if you are at risk or are concerned about the symptoms.

If you are finding it hard to catch your breath, it could possibly be an early sign of Ovarian Cancer. Shortness of breath could also be Asthma, Bronchitis or a list of other things.

If you feel constant pressure or pain in your lower abdomen, legs, back or pelvis its time to make a visit to the doctor. Don’t let anything go undetected.

Signs of your abdomen being bloated all of the time could be another warning sign. Feeling gassy, having diarrhea, constant constipation, nausea or sever indigestion is all early signs of Ovarian Cancer.

Feeling the need to urinate often and heavy vaginal bleeding are the least common symptoms of Ovarian Cancer. If you experience any of these symptoms please consult your physician and if you don’t like the first opinion always get a second. An early prognosis is a good prognosis.