News Over Fishing: An Endemic Problem

Over Fishing: An Endemic Problem


Over fishing is the worst threat done by increased number of population to underwater ecosystems. An illegal activity that is done mostly by fisherman using explosive device that kills many fishes and catch the fish before they can reach reproductive age. As the rapid growth in population, the increasing demands of fish. As more fish is caught the remaining fish fails to reproduce. Commercial fishing has cause damage to marine ecosystem in effect, our fish stocks is depleting rapidly. The more the fish the fisherman’s catch, the bigger they sell the more money they get. People nowadays choose to be healthy so they prefer to eat fish which is protein instead of meat which has lots of carbohydrates.

Over Fishing: An Endemic Problem

Fish is a primary source of protein but if we eat too much fish it will affect the food chain of predators and prey, people would think this is not a problem but in the near future we don’t have any fishes to fish and eat. We have lots of fishes in the sea but because of overfishing many fishes cannot reproduce well due to illegal activities that can destroy coral reefs, the breeding place that gives protection to small fishes. This can result from catching too many parent fish which prevents ample breeding from taking place. It can also be the consequence of acquiring too many of the species (fish) until they are completely gone. If they continue this activity we will definitely lose lots of our resources because of the demand of fishes that leads to fish pricing increases faster than the price of meat. This report provides an analysis and evaluation of the current and prospective views why overfishing has led to the destruction of local and global ecosystems resulting in a considerable reduction of stocks in fish and marine mammals. Like the term overfishing refers to the practice of catching so many fish that the ability of the fish to sustain itself is in jeopardy.

As requirement for seafood improves, it only seems sensible that the amount of fish at underwater starts to reduce. On the contrary, recent research recommends over fishing of large shark and it has a good impact in food chain at marine ecosystem, which increases the amount of other fishes. Over fishing has no significant advantages rather this action has much obstruction:

-Devastation of fish assets.
-Reduce genetic diversity and hence lowering the level fish item and products.
-Loss of job scope and downgrade fishing industry prospects.

Over Fishing: An Endemic Problem
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