News Oxbridge Applications - What you need to know

Oxbridge Applications – What you need to know


What is Oxbridge?

Oxbridge is a combination of Oxford and Cambridge Universities that combines policies and procedures for the world’s acclaimed Universities. Getting a degree or Diploma in a coveted college like Oxbridge transcends all the key successes of modern education. The skills of organizational management, leadership, technical knowledge and professionalism are amplified in every course taught at Oxbridge College. Oxbridge has played an enormous role in bracing young minds to take up leadership in major multinational corporations.
The College equips students with the adequate skills in various disciplines and professions. Students are afforded chances to take part in information technology projects irrespective of their degree courses. Oxbridge gives enough academic and professional weaponry to face the challenges that come with modern-day working environments.

General Reasons to Apply in Oxbridge

Oxbridge Applications – What you need to know

I. Teaches tolerance and appreciating other people’s culture and the role it plays in peace keeping.
II. Defines the role of religion in governance, peace keeping and professionalism.
III. The University empowers students to engage in both extensive and intensive research work in areas of their study
IV. This University, besides having a strong vocational background and adequate facilities, provides an ample platform that safely lands her graduates to the most coveted positions in their careers.
V. What appeals as the most scholastic and academically satisfying projects in other Universities are a mere regurgitation of works already produced in this University.

How to Apply in Oxbridge

Oxbridge Applications – What you need to know

Oxbridge application procedures differ significantly from other universities in the United Kingdom. In addition to the, mandatory UCAS application requirement, the two universities require an extra form and a formal interview with the prospective students.

The Steps:

Oxbridge Applications – What you need to know

1. The first step in applying for Oxbridge is making a decision in which of the two universities, Oxford and Cambridge, does one seek to join. The rules require a student to decide which one to apply to since applying to both universities is prohibited. It is worth noting that the two universities are different and provide different platforms for education.
2. The second step is starting a convincing UCAS application. The UCAS application should be done expeditiously considering that all Oxbridge applications end on 15th October every year. It is also important to confirm other special deadlines for pre-entrance tests like
3. The third step is filling and sending other extra application forms required by the universities before the deadline.
4. The fourth stage is the reception of SAQ and notification that your application has been received.
5. The fifth step is preparation and attending interviews. This is a chance for an applicant to impress the faculty that they are able to pursue the course applied effectively. Interviews for Oxbridge take place in the first 2 weeks of December.
6. The sixth step is reception of letters from the university. It is obvious that not all applicants will secure place in this coveted universities. Those who have been approved by the faculty will receive admission letters while the others will be informed of the refutation of their applications.


There are a number of myths about Oxbridge that should be ignored. Applying to Oxbridge does not necessary require one to apply with good grades. Some people also think that applying to a less popular Oxbridge college increases their chances of admission. This is not true. It is also not true to think that State schools applications are superior

Oxbridge Applications – What you need to know
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