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Oxygen: App to App Audio and Video Calling

There are number of social Apps available on internet where you can connect with the social world where, Oxygen is highly advance and full of new features modern social App which provide you many features which you think that kind of features should be in any kind of social App .therefore oxygen look after your needs and give you the best it can. Oxygen connect you with the social world in which you can do contact with your friends, family members, dear ones and the celebrities whom about you think it is impossible to get connect with them. You can connect with them by sending them instant messages, App to App audio and video calls, stickers and slangs in 20 different languages, which make your conversation more effective like you are doing conversation face to face with your receiver. This special App is available on web and all Android (ios, coming soon) devices worldwide. You can use this App on different kinds of internet connections (wi-Fi, 2G,3G, GPRS, and 4G)any available network.

Why oxygen: Oxygen can connect you with the people who are even not in your mobile contacts.

Oxygen’s main prime movers:

  1. App to App audio video calling

Oxygen give you the feature of audio and video calling and you can do audio and video calls to your friends, family members, and your love ones who are living very far from you and you want to connect them. Oxygen give you access to them whom you want to audio and video calls and also many feature which can make you express your feelings emotions. The audio and video calling is totally free of cast.

  1. App to App instant messages

You can do App to App instant messages to anyone, anywhere and anytime in the world .this is the main feature of oxygen social App you can make your chat conversation more adorable by sending slangs and stickers to your friends.

  1. Real Time Face Expressions

Time has come to express your Feelings, Emotions and expressions to your friends, family, and your loved ones genuinely. Oxygen is going to give you real-time face expressions service rather than cartoons icons. Now you can surprise your close ones by sending them real-time face expressions.

  1. Audio and Video file sharing

Oxygen is going to make you media service on your own , now you can share your videos audio files to anyone, anytime, anywhere in the world.

  1. Customize Your Backgrounds For Chat Screen

This oxygen App feature will make your chat screen background more attractive by adding any images or wallpapers into your oxygen chat background.

  1. More Themes and Colors

Oxygen gives you this cool feature that you have a choice to choose any color to change and manage color of your choice for your profile, and you can make your oxygen’s   profile more adorable.

  1. Why has Only Sticker? Why Not A Combo Of Stickers And Slang?

It’s a scope for social app users and for social apps developers that Oxygen is going to give you something different and new.it is happening first time in social media apps that Oxygen is introducing for its users the most famous slangs in 20 different languages, now express your feelings and emotions by using slang.

  1. Special Security Account

Oxygen is going to give its users special security for their Oxygen social app. This will provide 100 percent privacy to their account, and no one can reach to the privacy of your Oxygen social app account.

  1. Web Portal

With your oxygen social you can connect with your friends and family from any device. Simple you have to go in your browser and sign in to your account and starts connecting to your friends, you do not have to sign from your mobile.

  • You can sync between your mobile and web
  • Oxygen web portal will give you daily weather update on the daily basis that you will not face any misshape and remains update to the weather.
  • Now you can change the theme of your web version, and you feel the new style of socializing.


  1. APP to APP Video Calling:

Oxygen will provide App to App video calling feature in their upcoming features. You will able to do app to app video calls to anyone present in the world.

  1. App to App Group Audio Video Calls

Oxygen is introducing in future app to app group audio and video calls. You will do audio and video calls in groups , more than one friend and with the many people at single time frame.

  • Live Audio-Video Recordings

Oxygen is going to give you live audio and video recording feature with HD sounds service in future so get ready in future to use this feature and will enjoy it.

  1. Cheapest Calling Rates World Wide

Oxygen’s rates compare to other social Apps will be cheapest.

Don’t wait just download Oxygen now

It saying that time is money, so don’t waste your money and download the oxygen app and enjoy its magical features.

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