Ozeri 3X Vs Ozeri Ultra: Comparing the Ultra and 3X

Ozeri 3X or Ozeri Ultra – Which is Best for You?

This account will compare the two very popular & well-regarded quiet Ozeri tower fans (that are similarly priced at around $100) the Ultra and 3X — where this article hopes to point out the significant differences & similarities between them, giving you a clear overview of what each tower fan can offer and which model you feel is best suited for your household/office.

Ozeri 3X Overview

This 44 inch tower fan hosts a range of useful features with the passive noise reduction technology being a significant one — which works through the canted air blades mitigating sound produced as well as acting to isolates & ‘soothe’ the sound waves produced (less than 50 dB). Moreover, its name ‘3X’ is named after the three independent fans that operate inside the tower stand, that function at three unique fan speeds hence offering up to nine levels of customizable smooth cooling air flow (with three programs for ‘relaxation’, ‘sleep’ and ‘comfort’), oscillating on a 90 degree basis.

The tower fan also looks very impressive (almost like a speaker stand) & stylish (measuring just 3 inches thick) with a glass rim at the base of the stand (dimensions: 45.8 by 13.8 by 6.5 inches & weight: 18 lbs). All the functions are operated by a remote control, hence saving you the hassle of getting up off the sofa or out of bed; including the ability to set a 450 minute time range with 15 (30 minute increments) to set a customized air flow.

Rating: 86% over 300 reviews (sourced from amazon.com).

Ozeri Ultra Overview

This 42′ model was originally intended to be exclusive to 5 star holiday resorts, but is now being released for everyone to enjoy. Similar to the 3X, the Ultra also uses a very sophisticated noise reduction system that Ozeri claims that it is ’emitting less noise on a foot-per-minute to dB basis’ than any other competing tower fans — yet is still capable of producing a significant refreshing air flow, even on the hottest, ‘sweltering’ days. Moreover, like the 3X, you can use the ‘Ultra’ to perform three pre-programmed air flows: i) ‘foster sleep’, ‘relaxation’ and ‘comfort’ — through its intelligent LED display interface (which dims at night time, so it won’t disturb your sleeping).

You can (like the 3X) set the air flow for 1 Hour increments over a period of 12 hours with the ability to adjust the fan height appropriately from 32′ to 42′. With regards to design it takes on the slim looking space saving design (dimensions: 43 x 7.2 x 9.5 inches & weight: 12 lbs) like the 3X, but is in white and for me doesn’t quite pull it off, looks-wise, which the Ozeri 3X does (but that is more of a subjective matter, which you might disagree with). Further note, that it also comes with a remote control with extended range — so you can alter the air flow settings as you desire but can only offer 3 air flow speed settings.

Rating: 86% over 500 reviews (sourced from amazon.com).

The Differences Between the Ozeri Ultra and 3X

Firstly, you should note, that for such a low price, both these models offer excellent value for money — but as you can see they are rather similar — in that they operate at ‘whisper-quiet’ levels, come with a remote control and offer the same distinct air flow patterns. But, there are some subtle differences between the two such as the customizable air flow periods & increments as well as the 3X offering a greater range of air flow variation. The major difference for me though really is just their overall look and design, for me personally the 3X is far more appealing than the Ultra (you might obviously think differently though)

Which Tower Fan Should You Buy the Ultra or 3X?

Unless one is significantly cheaper than the other, I would say just go with which you one think looks better (as they are very, very similar yet excellent models). Subtle points of difference are arguably that the Ultra is a bit quieter in operation and the 3X offers a greater variation of air flows.

If you have any questions or concerns over the comparison of the 3X Vs Ultra then please leave them below.