Packing Hacks You Ought To Try

movers company in SingaporeCongratulations! You are moving to your new home. While moving is so exciting and you have so many ideas for the new property, it can be quite stressful too. After all, you have to pack everything, make sure that the movers take it cautiously and even see that everything comes out intact from those packing boxes. But don’t worry! These packing hacks will help you ensure a smoother move.

How to Start?

Well, you have an idea about the things that have to be given away and the things that have to be packed. But do you know from where you need to start? If not, then keep on reading. Sorting out stuff and deciding how you are going to pack can be difficult, so there is a simple hack that you can use- start from the guest room. It’s used least frequently and therefore, packing it won’t really be a hassle. At the same time, it will give you an idea about how rest of the things are going to be packed. But before you start, make sure that you have a contract with best movers in Singapore and gather all the supplies you need. Pack all the non-essentials first, such as winter clothes (if it’s summer), sports equipment and blankets or other stuff.

Know the types of boxes you will need

No, not all moving boxes come in the same size. And you need to buy different types of boxes to pack everything intelligently. 1.5 cubic foot boxes or the boxes with 16×12.5×12.5 are perfect for simple things, such as lamps, shades, fragile items, dishes and kitchen stuff. They can carry about 25-30 kilos. Then there is 3.0 foot box, measuring 18x18x16, which is recommended for clothing, electronics and similar items. Go for 4.5 cubic foot box and 6.0 cubic foot box for larger appliances and other stuff. Make sure that you don’t stuff larger boxes as they can become too heavy and difficult to carry. For instance, a 6.0 cubic foot box should be used for large blankets, pillows, toys and cushions instead of two electronics.

Go for Wardrobe Boxes

Singapore movers can supply you with wardrobe boxes that are incredibly functional and quite easy to use. Available in various sizes, they are great for hanging closet items that you can’t pack flat. They can be heavy and therefore, you should use them wisely. Otherwise, opt for lay down wardrobe boxes which are similar to dresser drawers and quite easy to carry.

Labeling and empty spaces

Firstly, never leave empty spaces in boxes. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to fill these boxes to the brim and make them heavy. Instead, this means you should fill them intelligently. For instance, if there is gap in the box, pack it using packing paper, towels or just simple, random clothing. Loosely packed boxes unbalance and spill the contents. Secondly, make sure that the boxes are labelled.

So, try these tips and the moving process will be a breeze!