Painful Back Acne – Why Do I Have It?

If you are suffering from sudden and painful back acne or acne on your head, arms and shoulders, then I feel sorry for you because I used to suffer from this myself. Just why does a person get bad back acne? There can be a number of reasons. There are also a number of solutions to this problem and ways you can prevent it from occurring again.

Sudden and Painful Back Acne – Why?

– The most common reason I think people get this is from sweating profusely.

– Unfortunately those who suffer from normal acne are most vulnerable to getting bad back acne as well.

– Do you play sports or are you active? This could be a reason for it if you are constantly rubbing against the acne, making it worse.

– Another reason can be wearing dirty clothes too often.

– If you have overactive oil glands, you are definitely more prone to it.

Getting Rid of Back Acne – Some Solutions

Here’s what I think you should do:

– Salicylic acid is perhaps the best treatment for back acne. There are a number of products such as Glytone Back Acne Spray which should work well.

– Another thing that works is a good foaming wash. It can be hard to get some spots on your back so I recommend getting a good back scrubber for the shower.

Home Remedy for Back Acne

Here are two possible home remedies:

– Using Sea Salt to cure bacne might work. Dissolve sea salt in warm water and put in a spray bottle to spray your back. Apply it once a day after you shower.

– I’ve read online that using DAWN dishwashing liquid on your bacne has worked for people. You can use it in the shower.

Best back acne products – Read this story for more info. on this condition and the best products to cure it. Thanks for reading and hopefully this will help you cure your painful back acne.