Painful Feet? Try Negative Heel Shoes

If you have foot pain, it could be from plantar fasciitis, a condition where the muscles, tendons and nerves in the feet, heel, ankle and even the calves can become inflamed. These conditions have many prescribed remedies, and some of them actually work.

However, if your foot pain is from plantar fasciitis due to contracted muscles in the legs, there is an easy way to stretch them out, relieving pain, and the condition itself.

For side sleepers especially, muscles in the back of the leg, heel and even under the feet can become tight and draw up (contract) during sleep. When you get up in the morning, you may find that you are barely able to walk. As the day progresses, plantar fasciitis normally will ease up a bit, as the muscles stretch out from walking. However, one may find that even short periods of sitting can cause the inflammation to increase, so when a person arises out of a chair where they’ve been sitting for awhile, the pain is back.

The inflammation from this condition may be caused from tiny tears in the muscles, caused from the muscles being stretched beyond their capacity. During sleep and other sedentary positions, the legs may be bent. The muscles over time actually start to pull into the bent position in back, so when you get up, the muscles are pulled, and small tears in the muscles and tendons can happen. The bottoms of the heel are the worst places for this to occur, and may be the first place pain is noticed.

Heel spurs may develop, if the condition is not addressed. There is an easy way to heal plantar fasciitis, and it won’t bankrupt you.

There is a line of shoes that have been manufactured for over 40 years, called Earth Shoes. These are special shoes that come in all kinds of great styles. What makes them different is that the heel of these shoes is three degrees lower than the rest of the shoe, causing the wearer to stand up straighter, and the muscles in the back of the leg and under the heel and foot to gently stretch out.

Starting slowly, an hour a day, then two hours, etc. over the first week, you will feel the tight muscles in your legs start to stretch and relax. Once you get used to them, after the first day or so, you will not notice the lower heel. Upon first wearing, they may make you feel a bit odd, but the feeling passes. It is like walking in wet sand, where the heel sinks lower than the foot.

Testimonials abound regarding how amazing these shoes are. Back in the 60’s and 70’s, they were all the rage. But it was because people found them to be comfortable, not because they cured foot problems.

Another adjunct pair of shoes to immediately take the pressure off of the feet is the wearing of Crocs or croc-style shoes. Not any of those shoes, but the really ugly ones, like Beach or Classic. They are marvelously comfortable and relieve pain right away.

If you are interested in getting a pair of Earth Shoes, you will find that after wearing them a week or two, the pain is beginning to subside. After a few weeks, the pain should be gone, and you can go back to wearing your old shoes. The muscles in your legs will be stretched, and the little tears in your tendons will be healed. The website for Negative Heel Shoes- Earth Shoes is: