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Paleo Diet Will Help You Regain Lost Fitness

A paleo diet is one where the person undertaking it must avoid consuming all processed foods and sugars. The prefix ‘paleo’ is derived from the word Paleolithic, which represents the second part of Stone Age that lasted approximately from 750000 BC to 8500 BC. This diet aims at tapping into our potential of eating as our ancestors did in Paleolithic times. Furthermore, paleo diet is based on the philosophy that our genetics haven’t morphed as much as our lifestyles and surroundings have, which is why the founders, practitioners, and patrons of this diet believe that we as humans are born with an innate ability to observe this diet.

How did our ancestors eat?

As it is very well known, humans in the Stone Age weren’t dependent on food producing techniques such as farming, agriculture, animal husbandry, etc. Instead, they required to be on the prowl for their food and shelter. Basically, our ancestors were hunters and gatherers of food, rather than being food producers. Their food depended on meat from wild animals and seasonal fruits and vegetables from plants and trees. Also, the humans of the Paleolithic age didn’t have our luxury of eating whenever hunger is felt. Many times, they had to sleep on an empty stomach, or hunt for days in succession without any food.

What’s wrong with what we eat?

Studies reveal that about 66% of the earth’s population is overweight and about 33% is obese. Clearly, the numbers indicate that we’re far from healthy at the moment, and food is an integral part of any living being’s health. So it cannot be refuted that there might be something wrong with what we eat. According to paleo diet, consumption of grains induces carbohydrates in to the body. Carbohydrates are broken down into fat and glucose. While fat gets stored, glucose is used as a fuel for carrying out the various activities we undertake.

However, in a situation where this glucose is not used immediately, it starts to accumulate in the body as fat, which creates a mis-balance in the fat levels of the body and causes harm in form of excess weight and obesity. Moreover, we eat all kinds of junk food time to time, which also results in a dedicated amount of carbohydrates being deposited in our bodies. Add to that all our irregular eating habits such as midnight-snacking and binging sessions, etc., we have a diet plan that acts as a recurring deposit account of a bank, one which loads up on itself from time to time without fail.

How can a paleo diet make it right?

The answer to this question lies in our genetics. Experts like to believe that we were biologically designed to eat in the manner that our ancestors did, and we might have continued doing so, if farming techniques had not been invented. However, now that we’ve a host of food options, thanks to agriculture, animal husbandry, and farming, it is binding on us to start eating right.

Paleo diet strictly recommends having foods that are naturally available. These foods include: lean meant, raw vegetables, fruits, oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, etc., tubers, nuts, fish, eggs and fowl. The diet advises such items of consumption because they are devoid of high carbohydrate and glucose content. When the body is not provided a steady stream of fat, or glucose to break down into fat, it starts burning up the fat that was previously stored in the body. By this function performed by the body, excess fat is burnt down; glucose levels are kept in check, and a healthy state of body and mind are maintained. Even better results can be obtained when this diet is coupled with daily exercises or aerobic activities.

Therefore, the paleo diet is really helpful for a person to regain his/her lost shape and achieve a healthy form of existence.

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